Magnolia Historical Society transitions leadership to Jeff Cunningham

Posted on January 10th, 2014 by Sara

This year MHS will have co-presidents as Monica Wooton transitions the leadership of the Society to Jeff Cunningham. Jeff brings nearly 3 years of experience on the Board, is a history major, and has?lots of energy and new ideas.?He has also?served as a docent at the Museum of History and Industry and started the MHS Facebook page.

“It is exciting to pass down the rich legacy of good work of the Society to such a great guy who has a good sense of place and love for Magnolia history. Jeff grew up on Magnolia, attended Our Lady of Fatima School and O?Dea High, and went on to get his history major from Western Washington University. I look forward to Jeff taking on this new role and have confidence in his leadership ability. He has proven to be a good and thoughtful Board member. The Society will benefit greatly from a new generation participating and adding new perspective to the work we will continue to do in making more Magnolia history in the years to come,” says Wooten.

Photo from MHS

Jeff will have several new Board members but many of the old members will be staying on during the transition. This year he will be leading the Board on a January field trip, help do logistics for the February Annual Meeting on the History of the Boulevard: the Street and Homes, scheduled for February 13th at Magnolia Lutheran Church, 7pm. He will also assume the MHS position on the Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council and do some historical writing for the Society.

Click here ?for more information about the Magnolia Historical Society, or the “History of the Boulevard: the Street and Homes,” or call 284-2430.

Thanks to Monica Wooton for the story!

4 responses to “Magnolia Historical Society transitions leadership to Jeff Cunningham”

  1. Captain George Davidson says:

    It will be great to get some new blood into the Magnolia Historical Society. It has been long due for a transfusion. Hopefully, they will do more preserving of history, rather than just writing about it. It would also be great to see the society start working with homeowners and developers to preserve rather than tear down the great old homes around the neighborhood. I would think that would be a good thing for a Historical Society to do. Evidently, the current board would rather sit behind a computer writing about history rather than protecting it for future generations to see and enjoy!

  2. JSanders says:

    The society lacked a true leader for many years. I am certain that Mr. Cunningham will do a much better job than the current president. Here’s too a very quick transition! Congratulations Jeff!

  3. Ricky says:

    It is difficult to see through cataract eyes, what is really taking place around Magnolia. The current board lacks the basic energy (and for that matter, the basic mobility) that it takes to produce real change within the community. Understandable, considering they live their days in nostalgic dreams and end them with the early bird special at 4:00 PM!

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