Snow day!

Posted on December 20th, 2013 by Sara

All Seattle Public Schools are operating two hours late this morning. The District?s already scheduled one-hour early dismissal is still in effect. Buses are operating on snow routes/regular routes. There are no door-to-door transportation services, and no preschool or head start today. You can find out more here:

?Snow routes? means that buses only run on roads that are maintained by the City that receive snow removal. You can find more information on snow routes at the City of Seattle?s Department of Transportation Winter Weather page.

Send us your snow pics!

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  1. Benjamin Lukoff says:

    I followed a snowplow truck from 28th and Dravus down 28th to Thorndyke, and back down Thorndyke to the foot of Dravus, which I believe is the main safe route out of the neighborhood if you’re headed east and north. Smooth driving all the way!

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