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Posted on November 10th, 2013 by Sara

Have you seen this bike?

Magnolia Voice,

My wife and I moved to Magnolia two years ago primarily for the ideal bike commute to downtown Seattle via the Eliot Bay trail. ?Unfortunately this morning (Nov 6th at 7am) when we went to retrieve our bikes for the commute to work we found a cut cable lock instead. ?We live on the 3200 block of 21st Ave W. and the bike was stored out of view of the street locked in an open basement alcove, so we believe it may have been someone in the neighborhood.
We are offering a $100 reward for the recovery of the bike, a 49cm Bianchi Axis (Serial Number WBK004258E) the bike is black with green ascents/handle bar tape. ?(see picture) ?Some distinguishing features of the bike are front/rear fenders with yellow hi-visibility tape. ?We can be reached at 509.341.4281 if anyone has any information.
We would like to ask you to share our story with the Magnolia community in hopes of gaining additional information on the incident and potentially recovering the bike. ?I would also like to remind other cyclists to be vigilant and provide some advice in case they fall into the unfortunate situation of having their bike stolen:
1. Properly lock your bike with a U-Lock and a Cable Lock.
2. Keep a convenient record of your bike’s serial number. ?If you flip the bike over it should be visible on the frame beneath the bottom bracket.
3. File a police report by calling the non-emergency line of the Seattle Police Department 206-625-5011
4. Register your bike on? tracks a database of stolen bikes.
Luckily we have some great Magnolia friends who are lending us a bike until we can get our stolen bike back or purchase a new one.

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  1. Andy says:

    Add stolen bikes to the list of crimes in Magnolia lately. I know you folks are not alone and I hope your bikes are safely recovered.

  2. Raven says:

    When you walk in, the Nook’s bar is on the right not the left (as pictured in the Cragislist ad). So if that’s the Nook, that’s a very old picture or something. The bar top is dark wood inside, not that marble looking stuff in the ad pic.

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