Found? wooden cars

Posted on August 19th, 2013 by Sara


We just moved here in July. I was talking to a nice lady in Magnolia Park who said this was a good resource for neighborhood news. I also want to report finding a couple lost toys called “Automoblox” on the ledge of the small bridge (at corner of Howe St. and Magnolia Blvd). The toys are 2 small wooden cars that can be put together by a child because the pieces are peg blocks that fit together. My 7 year old son picked up the forgotten toys yesterday and then told me before bed that he doesn’t feel comfortable keeping the toys and wants to take them to a lost-and-found. ?I’m proud of him for wanting to return the toys to the owner but I don’t know where to drop off the toys. ?They look possibly handmade and each has serial number on the bottom. Thanks for helping with this. ?Please reply soon!



Thanks, Michelle!

While we are working on fixing the forum (at this time we aren’t able to add new members, but?PLEASE stay tuned!), we got this email?over the weekend and couldn’t?resist posting it.? If?these are your wooden cars, please email us at and we will connect you.

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