Historic Magnolia home featured on HGTV

Posted on July 17th, 2013 by Sara

Homeowners Tom & Jennifer McDonald are putting a little piece of Magnolia history on the market.? Their 1908 residence, one of the original structures on the Magnolia Dairy Farm, is up for sale.?
“We were completely sold the moment we saw the home back in 2007, although it was in need of a good facelift. Everything needed updating, but the potential was there. The bones were great,” says Jennifer.
Over the next few years, Tom and Jennifer made their home what they had originally envisioned. And during those years, they also added to their family.?McDonald continues “In 2007, we were newly married and enjoying house projects on the weekends.? We are now parents to three girls, ages 5 and under.? Our weekends are spent very differently these days.? We walk down the street to Ella Bailey, take our beagle to the dog park, or stroll into the village for dinner and ice cream.? The location of the home is ideal for us.”
It was also ideal for the producers of House Hunters, a popular home show on HGTV.? The home was filmed just last month and will be featured on an upcoming episode.? “I’ve watched the show for years,” says Jennifer. “When we were approached with the opportunity to be involved, we jumped at the chance.?Homes like this, with a story to tell, are rare. That’s one of the great things about Seattle.? You just can’t replicate this kind of character.”? The McDonalds are excited for the next owners to enjoy making this home their own. “Hidden beneath the carpets are the original 1908 fir floors. I would have loved to have gotten my hands on those…but now it’s someone else’s turn to put their touches on this home.”
The McDonalds now live primarily in Texas, but return to Seattle for?most of the summer.? “We start counting down the days in May, and can’t wait to get back home to Magnolia each year.? Work may keep us in Houston, but our hearts remain in Seattle,” Jennifer exclaims.
Sotheby’s Realtor Cassie Daughtrey will host an open house Sunday, July 21st, from 1-4pm

12 responses to “Historic Magnolia home featured on HGTV”

  1. Stupefied says:

    What a nice advertisement.

    It truly sounds interesting and is provocative.

    But don’t mention the open house if the ADDRESS isn’t part of the “story”. That’s like selling some awesome Ginsu knives but without the price. But wait, you also get…

    • ericsmith says:

      When did the Magnolia Voice start to do advertising for the houses for sale? I pass this house when I walk my dog. One of all the houses up for sale that will sell for less than the asking price…or more, perhaps, in this hot market….but at a price far lower than it would have gotten 5 years ago, no matter how lofty the selling agent and their enormous cut (it isn’t being offered by Redfin). Please don’t do real estate on MV…it isn’t a story just about the original history…it is a commercial and it makes the playing field unequal for others trying to sell.

    • You're Kidding, Right? says:

      $950k for a house that’s essentially two bedrooms? (Two upper, the other two in the basement.) SMH.

      • Cassie says:

        That makes it 4 bedrooms.

        • I'm not kidding says:

          Since its not safe to put young children two floors away from the master suite, that’s two bedrooms. I don’t know why Seattle does this.

          • JM123 says:

            Hi there,
            I’m the homeowner. Thank you all for your comments. To address this one, our young children room together. The lower level bedrooms are used for guests, grandma and our visiting older nephews and nieces (who think it’s ‘way cool’). In Texas, it is actually a selling point to have the master bedroom on a different level than all the other bedrooms. So, this is not uncommon. Seattle is filled with older homes that have usable, finished basements. I understand that this may not be for everyone~ to each his own. But as a family, we have used every inch of this home equally. The great thing about Seattle is that there is something for everyone. And if you can’t find it here, you can probably find it on the Eastside. Thank you to the Voice for sharing our adventures on House Hunters. The episode is currently in edit, and we will let you know when we have a scheduled air date.

  2. LuvMagnolia says:

    Beautiful home! They took good care of it and it shows. Good luck to them and I hope it sells for lots of $$$ .

  3. ghostinprint says:

    Well I wouldn’t tell the world they are not “in town” most of the year!

  4. DW says:

    Seems significantly overpriced considering it sold at the peak of the housing bubble for $799K and now it’s listed at $950K. I think you need to lower your expectations. It’s not likely worth more than what you paid for it. Zillow has it at a high of $735K.

    • ericsmith says:

      Agreed. The Jamie Moyer house has been for sale for, what, 5 years in a better neighborhood. The neighborhood doesn’t support that kind of pricing and the kind of agent they are using is the kind that takes more then 6%.

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