Fuji Bakery now open on Elliott Ave West

Posted on July 11th, 2013 by Sara

By Laura at our sister site Queen Anne View

Fuji Bakery signFuji Bakery, a Japanese artisan bakery with a location in the International District, has opened the doors on a new location at 1030 Elliott Ave West. You may have noticed the white building with the red letters on Elliott ? it?s been there for a few months, and it?s now finally open.

Fuji Bakery caseThe new bakery has an array of both sweet and savory pastries ? I stopped by this morning and picked up a Bacon Epi, Custard Bun, and a Fraise, a flaky pastry topped with custard and strawberries (all tasty!), and spoke with the owner about the new store.

Fuji Bakery interiorThe bakery had a soft open the Monday before last, and is now fully up and running with a case full of tasty baked goods, Vashon Island Coffee Roasters coffee, two large family style tables, and free ample parking in a lot to the south of the building.

Fuji Bakery has been open in Seattle since June 2009, and now you no longer have to travel to the ID for their baked goods. Stop by Fuji Bakery for your sweet and savory cravings, and welcome them to the neighborhood!

7 responses to “Fuji Bakery now open on Elliott Ave West”

  1. CreamFilled says:

    Two words: Milk Stick!

  2. Priscilla says:

    Got a sampler pack delivered by a neighbor, not my thing. Go to Neilsen’s and get quality baked goods. I like Asian baked goods usually but this place doesn’t fit the bill.

  3. Local Walker says:

    We had some yummy fruit pastries from Fuji last night. Glad they are here!

  4. Mike says:

    I frequent the place in the ID was so glad to see them come back. To the dissatisfied commenter below, revisit them in a month or so as their savory and french-style goodies get back in full production. They promise the salmon brioche and the levain will be back soon! Despite the name, Fuji is also one of the best bakeries in town for non-asian baked goods.

  5. MagnoliaDude says:

    Why on earth is this place closed on Sunday mornings? Dont they want business?

  6. Homer Simpson says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmilk stick!

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