Mag bank robber busted in Bay Area?

Posted on June 21st, 2013 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
The Seattle office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has confirmed to Magnolia Voice the arrest and imprisonment of an as yet unnamed person-of-interest in the bank robberies of People?s Bank, US Bank, and Bank of America this past December, January, and February.
With the arrest in Hayward, California of a suspect in a botched bank hold up in March, one of two twin brothers, and a former Magnolia resident, has pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery for that attempt. He is currently serving a nine-month jail sentence. The second twin, alleged to have assisted in the attempted robbery, was released for lack of enough evidence to convict.
Although the guilty plea in California is a matter of public record, the FBI says they are not naming their person-of-interest until the U.S. Attorney?s office brings charges against him for the Magnolia robberies. A decision could be forthcoming in a week or two, according to the FBI.
Magnolia Voice previously reported the story of a residential contractor who witnessed what turned out to be the suspect in the hold-up of Bank of America coming out of a portable toilet. Later, clothing, a mask, and toy pistol were found inside the facility. At the time, the contractor was the only person to see the true identity of the robber without his mask. Yesterday, Magnolia Voice showed the contractor the photograph of the person-of-interest obtained online. The contractor was able to say the man in the picture generally resembled the individual he briefly glimpsed the day of the stick up. At the time of the robbery he was described as a young man with dark hair.
Magnolia Voice has additionally confirmed the twin brothers lived here in Magnolia and attended Blaine School. It is believed their mother still resides in the neighborhood, according to sources.


16 responses to “Mag bank robber busted in Bay Area?”

  1. ICanUseGoogle says:

    And since Magnolia Voice still isn’t naming the suspects, we’ll go with this:

  2. Priscilla says:

    Another great story by Steve. Thanks for being so diligent in following up the bread crumb leads in our ‘hood…

  3. Snarkbark says:

    Hope these two punks spend the rest of their miserable lives in a cement condo.

  4. Lisa says:

    I remember seeing these two when they were younger. They stood out because they were twins. So sad what’s become of them.

  5. The Mother & Father says:

    Just to set the record straight ? Wyatt was released because he is innocent and had absolutely nothing to do with the criminal actions of his twin brother, Riley. And yes, it is really sad what
    has become of both of them. It is devastating enough for Wyatt to probably lose his best friend and brother, Riley, for years, but to continue to be mistakenly judged for his twin brother?s incomprehensible actions is far worse. We, the mother and father, are still together living in the area and are shocked and grief stricken beyond belief, to say the least.

  6. ghhostinprint says:

    Don’t think it’s important to print the mother is still in Magnolia…..what’s your reasoning? She can’t help what her grown son has done and I’m sure feels terrible about it. Leave her out of this please……

    • Mr. Obvious says:

      Absolutely disagree. It is a relevant fact. Especially, if either of these two are likely to return someday. This is not a NANNY state. Reporters should be in the business of reporting news with complete and true facts.

      • ghostinprint says:

        Then why am I not notified when a child molester moves in next door to me? All I’m saying is, Magnolia is such a small community let’s not add to her heartache that she lives among us. The reporter could say, she lives in Seattle. Enough said!

        • seattle_native says:

          Um, you CAN be notified if a (convicted) child molester moves near you.

          And I agree with Mr Obvious – it IS relevant.

          • ericsmith says:

            How much malice you show towards the innocent mother. Do you want to be held responsible for everything your child does wrong in life? Where do you draw the line? If your daughter’s husband is sleeping with someone else should we put a big red “A” on her house so she is humiliated more because an adulterer lives there? Why is it relavant to the community that the mother be punished?

          • chill-out says:

            Everyone I’ve talked with had wondered if the robber lived inside the community. Now that we know that the mother still lives here, we’re guessing yes. It makes a little more sense now.
            It has nothing to do with shaming the mother, just understanding more about the crime.

          • NoMaliceHere says:

            Exactly. Does he still have ties to our community? Yes. Let’s not forget that we are only about two weeks out from a police-involved shooting in our neighborhood involving the son of a resident.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing ghhostinprint isn’t a parent…

  8. Anonymous says:

    OOPS! Meant Mr. Obvious probably isn’t a parent. Totally agree with ghhostinprint. The parents ought to be left out of it. Just imagine their grief and worry.

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