More car prowls?

Posted on June 20th, 2013 by Sara

Ahh. Summery weather… we got this email this morning:

There have been many posts lately about car prowls in our neighborhood, and last night my car and my roommates car were vandalized on W Barrett and 31st. Our cars are parked in a highly visible spot, on a main arterial through Magnolia. We each had a window smashed, but nothing was stolen from inside – it actually appears as though they never even entered the vehicles. At this point we assume it was teenagers recently out of school with nothing better to do. The total damage is close to $700. Not a pleasant start to our morning to say the least. Just a reminder to neighbors not to leave valuables in your cars, in case these individuals decide to add theft to their acts of vandalism.

3 responses to “More car prowls?”

  1. govtwayguy says:

    There have been two similar incidents on Govt. Way. We requested increased police presence in the area but have seen no evidence of that. Also our car shows recent evidence of gas pilferage.

  2. JS says:

    They stole my windshield wipers of my car at 36th W. Barrett

  3. Snarkbark says:

    Leave your car locked and the windows get broken. Leave your car unlocked and the windows may or may not be broken. Either way leave NOTHING in your car except maybe a couple of adult diapers smeared with chunky peanut butter.

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