Casing Magnolia homes?

Posted on June 17th, 2013 by Sara

By Reporter Steven Smalley
An alert homeowner on 28th Avenue West and West Dravus Street tells Magnolia Voice he came home Sunday night about 7 to find a suspicious car in his driveway. When he approached it, two?African American?females had the seats tilted so far back, the occupants were not visible through the windows. The homeowner approached the black Volkswagen Passat-style automobile and asked the women what was going on. They were looking for their sister?s house on Queen Anne, they explained.
After an few words from the homeowner, now joined by his wife, about how far away from Queen Anne they were, the occupants drove away. Down the street, the homeowners witnessed how the women were quickly joined by two?African American?males who entered the car. The vehicle then left the area.
An additional description by the homeowner indicated the front windshield on the passenger side of the car was badly smashed.

4 responses to “Casing Magnolia homes?”

  1. marjory says:

    I had women or more young girls leave my dog out of the gate when I said no to magazine money, lame

  2. Mr. Obvious says:

    Did they get a plate number?

  3. Home Owner says:

    2 weeks ago Sunday (June 9th) arriving home there were 2 cars (1 car & 1 truck) parked in front of our home on 28th & Dravis. One man was standing outside the car talking to 2 others inside the car. When the noticed me looking out the window they both drove away. I found them very suspicious watching the neighborhood to see who was/was not home.

  4. Wedgwood says:

    I live in Wedgwood and thought i would check other neighborhood blogs to see if any “casing” incidents were happening elsewhere. We had an 18-ish year old African American guy ring the doorbell once, then twice, then incessantly over & over again. He apparently saw me in the house and was upset that i wasn’t answering the door. When i finally answered it he yelled” You couldn’t answer it the 1st time you saw me?!” I said ” I don’t HAVE to answer my door!” He said “B!$CH!” and walked away. He had a white polo shirt on tucked in some khaki pants. He didn’t have a clipboard, name tag, lanyard or any identifying badge on his person. One of my neighbors said he rang her doorbell repeatedly also and when she told him there was no need to ring it that much, he said his finger must’ve slipped. Guess it’s that time of year for scouting out neighborhoods(?). Wish we could get more police patrols, even if it’s only once a day.

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