It?s peak season for door-to-door sellers ? here?s what you need to know from SPD

Posted on June 10th, 2013 by Sara

By Laura at our sister site Queen Anne View

No Solicitors

We?ve had several readers write us about some shady door-to-door magazine salespeople in the past 2 weeks, and my own block has been the victim of a suspicious person claiming to sell magazines. Since I live on the block, I can attest that the latter report was verified by a slew of neighbors, one witnessing the solicitor walking up a driveway in between houses (she called 911, which is the correct thing to do).

Reports of illegal solicitors to SPD have gone up in both Queen Anne and Magnolia recently, as it?s just that time of year. Francisco Tello, SPD Crime Prevention Program Coordinator East and West Precinct, sent the following information, and noted that there are no licensed door to door magazine sales in the City of Seattle.

Here are the tips from SPD:

This is the peak time of year for door-to-door sales, including those using traveling sales crews.? There are many legitimate companies in this industry with professionally trained salespeople, selling between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00pm, and a long history of law-abiding customer service.? There are, however, less reputable companies in this business willing to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals who trust people knocking at their door.? Sometimes residents forget to practice good personal safety.

Seattle Police officers respond to calls from citizens concerned about door-to-door salespeople.? The results have ranged from the officers checking identification and sending the seller to the City of Seattle Revenue & Consumer Affairs office for their business license, to arrests of individuals posing as residential sellers, but wanted on warrants. There have also been arrests for aggressive behavior, threats made against the resident, burglaries, and assaults.

Homeowners may consider posting a sign indicating ?No agents,? ?No peddlers,? or ?No Solicitors.?? In Seattle, it is unlawful for any residential seller to attempt to gain admittance for the purpose of selling at any residence displaying one of these signs.

With these facts in mind, what should you do when a person knocks at your door?

BEFORE OPENING YOUR DOOR: LOOK FOR PROPER IDENTIFICATION.? Acknowledge the knock since ignoring it may lead to an attempted burglary.? It is preferable to speak to strangers through your door.? In Seattle, all door-to-door sellers must display the residential sales identification which includes the seller?s photograph on their outer clothing.? The residential sales agent?s license has the name of the licensee as well as the agent.? It shall be endorsed with the type of product or service being sold. The license is only valid for the product or service specified.? If you have any questions about whether a company is properly licensed, call the City of Seattle?s Office of Revenue & Consumer Affairs at 206-684-8136.

DISCLOSURE REQUIRED:? Each residential seller shall, immediately upon contacting the prospective buyer, disclose their name, company and the product or service represented.? If requested to do so, they shall leave the premises immediately.? If the individual does not leave, or if an attempt to gain access is made by asking to use the bathroom, the phone or get a drink of water, refuse the request and ask the individual to leave.? If you feel intimidated, pressured, or threatened at any time, call 911.

USE GOOD JUDGEMENT: It is safer not to allow the salesperson into your home.? You are encouraged to avoid paying immediately.? Do not give the salesperson cash or a check, as it may be pocketed and you will never receive the product ordered.? Instead, find out from the seller how you can order directly from the company or receive the bill upon receipt of the product/service.? If the salesperson is concerned about losing their commission for the sale, offer to provide their name when placing your order.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: In Seattle, if you make a purchase, the salesperson must tell you of your right to cancel the order and the contract must include a statement regarding the right to cancel.? For each sale of ten dollars or more, the seller must provide a receipt or contract to the purchaser.? Do not leave any blanks on your contract.? Be sure the contract or receipt is dated and that it states the terms of the transaction, the amount of payment made and the name and address of the residential seller.? It must also include a notice informing the buyer of their right to cancel the order any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of the transaction.? A completed Notice of Cancellation (in duplicate) must be provided to the purchaser at the time they purchase from the seller.? You do not need to provide a reason for canceling your order.

DO NOT GIVE IN TO HIGH PRESSURE TACTICS:? Never be afraid to say ?NO!?? If a salesperson in your home tries to pressure you into buying their product, terminate your conversation with them.? Take the time to contact the company directly if you still have interest in the product or service.? Avoid making an immediate purchase in order to receive a ?free gift.?? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

When should you call 911? If an unlicensed sales person shows up at your residence, call 911 and report it.? Calling as soon as possible with a good description,? direction the suspicious person is traveling, and address will all help officers locate the suspect(s).

And, as a general reminder, it?s not just the non-licensed solicitors that are targeting our neighborhood. Car prowls and break-ins are still occurring with too-regular frequency. For any suspicious activities or people, SPD advises calling 911 as soon as possible.

Here are the key items of information that help SPD when you call 911:

  • Good description of the person
  • Location ? street name, number or hundred block, or address
  • Direction of travel
  • Identifying features and/or items: race, gender, height, weight, age, clothing, and any distinguishing features. Are they carrying a backpack? What color is it?

Remember to report all crimes and suspicious activity to SPD by calling 911 or the non-emergency number (206.625.5011).

8 responses to “It?s peak season for door-to-door sellers ? here?s what you need to know from SPD”

  1. erickhill says:

    While riding my bike this weekend in Magnolia, I saw a few people canvassing the neighborhood wearing identical outfits: orange t-shirts and black pants.

    When I came down Galer and passed Magnolia Park going north, the parking lot was absolutely filled with several people all in the same outfit. This was obviously the staging ground for the operation. There must have been well over 30 folks meeting here to do their thing, whatever that was (which involved going door-to-door).

    I have no idea of they were the “magazine people,” but solicitors, yes.

    • ericsmith says:

      It is like the buses that used to carry Halloweeners up to the bluff from other neighborhoods…the pickings are good. If you engage in any conversation with strangers around your property, or allow access to your property, then these people, any people, will come in when you least want it. It amazes me that people believe that an open sidewalk to their front door means someone will stop at the property line. A low gate with a “no soliciter” sign means nothing if they are living off profits from coersive sales…you being the source of the profits. You are open for anyone in the public who wants to walk up. Saying no is an irritant to them. Consider how to keep them off your open sidewalk entry. Let those in you choose to let in and find ways to disallow entry into that sidewalk….

  2. Brad says:

    Great article. I have a no solicitation sign on my gate and one of these people still came to my door a few weeks ago (telling me he was selling magazines for college). He attempted to shake my hand and was very aggressive. I live near the park on 27th Ave W. I told him to leave immediately and he did.

  3. Name says:

    There are other strange folks about too that are not selling magazines. While walking to a friend’s about two block from my house, I noticed an African-American man in a shirt and tie yelling at my neighbor’s front door and taking pictures of the house with his iPhone. (30th and Tilden area) He looked at me and said something like “you should know what kind of neighbors you have, they believe in kids having drugs and weapons” or some such nonsense. When I asked why he was taking pictures of their house, he said that he was writing a story about them and they were going to be in the newspaper. He was super weird. He was heading toward my house and I called 911 and reported him. They said they would send someone out but it wasn’t illegal to take pictures of someone’s house, but he sounded odd enough to investigate. I called my husband and turns out he came to our house too, knocked on the door and our dog went nuts so my husband didn’t answer and the guy went away (after taking a pic of our house too).
    VERY unsettling and weird. Keep an eye out.

    • Raven says:

      Sounds like the guy who threatened my neighbor and myself when we told him to go away. Cops came out then too and yet, he still seems at large. He chased me to my car. I would figure that someone verbally threatening people would be off the streets by now….

  4. Neighbor says:

    Orange shirted woman making notes on a clipboard on 29th near Raye yesterday around dinnertime.

  5. Jonathan Siegel says:

    In Ballard, we are getting people claiming to be from a job fund. They have extracted some funds from my neighbors and tend to get mad at me when I say, “I’m going to save us both 5 minutes and just say no to you now.”

    Moving to Magnolia at end of July…looking forward to it.

    • ericsmith says:

      Now is the time to consider having a locked gate. No one comes in to sell magazines. No one comes in for anything. Even hedges around that locked gate on the entry sidewalk work…bottom line, you will not have any magazine sales problems. They don’t want to be seen going between hedges. Cost is under $200 if you do it yourself. If you have an open path to the street you have an open path to whoever wants to enter.

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