Incident at or near the Magnolia Library- UPDATED 5/29/13

Posted on May 27th, 2013 by Sara

UPDATE-It seems?Monday’s excitement at the Magnolia library turned out to be an unattended plastic bag with questionable contents, according to this report from?SPD Detective Ren?e Witt:

We responded to 911 call of a suspicious package at the Seattle Public Library branch at this address.? I inspected a blue plastic ?shopping bag? that contained a suspicious electronic component labeled ?receiver? poking out of the plastic bag.? There were also some books and compact discs in the bag.? The bag lay on a metal shelf near the book deposit drawer on the south side of the building.? I called ABS.? We taped off the area.

ABS squad responded to the call and arrived at 1749.? ABS determined the wire to be odd but harmless and not connected to anything in the bag.? The scene was opened to traffic at approximately 1810 hrs.? ABS collected the wire and ?receiver.?

EARLIER-Reports have been coming in of an incident at or near the Magnolia Library earlier this evening:

Apparently they are investigating a suspicious item. The bomb squad truck is there too. There is a police road block barrier…Police cars, yellow taped off…very disturbing…

Thank you to Kym for the photo.? More information as we get it.

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  1. flimflam says:

    certainly the Magnolia library is a big target for the evil doers and terrorists…..
    give me a break.

  2. NerdyNeighbor says:

    “What do we want? Friday hours! When do we want them? Uh, Friday?”

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