The Path of an Eagle

Posted on May 13th, 2013 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
It?s been called the PhD of youth. The highest achievement in Boy Scouts is the rank of Eagle, an honor attained by only 4% of scouts nation-wide. The latest Eagle recipient in Magnolia, Ballard High School junior Jackson Smalley, has a familial connection to this reporter. The oldest child of yours truly was awarded the rank of Eagle at a Court of Honor ceremony April 28 with family, friends, scouts, and leaders of Troop 80 all gathered to celebrate.? The formal occasion, at the United Church of Christ, a long-time sponsor of Scouting, included traditional formalities, speeches, songs, and a handsome banquet.
The 124th Eagle from Troop 80 since the first one was awarded in 1932, Jack was accompanied by his proud parents including his mother, Michiko Smalley, and Scoutmaster Brian Keaton. Also in attendance was special speaker and family friend, The Honorable Mark Chow, King County District Court judge, Magnolia resident, and youngest son of the late Ruby Chow, a Seattle political icon.
As required of all Eagle candidates, a community project was organized and completed. Smalley?s initiative helped restore the Wolf Tree Nature Trail in Discovery Park while simultaneously installing 15 wooden signposts to indicate points of interest along the way ? all of which were produced at Ballard High School with permission of faculty. More than 20 scouts and adults helped with the undertaking in Seattle?s largest park last January.
Additionally, a video presentation of the project was shown at the Court of Honor which recently won the first-ever Golden Eagle Award for Best Eagle Project video by Scouting magazine, a national publication. Click here to watch the 3-minute story.
The parents of Jackson Smalley extend their deepest appreciation to the many wonderful people who helped him achieve the rank of Eagle.
EDITOR’S NOTE: We had to twist Reporter Smalley’s arm to get him to do this story, and are very proud of the newest Eagle Scout in Magnolia.? Congrats, Jackson!

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  1. Priscilla says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing this story of an accomplished young man whose story only shines a light on the strength of his family and his community. Thanks for a feel good story on Monday no less!


    Your fan,


  2. Nona says:

    Well done and congratulations

  3. tim says:


  4. ghostinprint says:

    Very proud of this young man. Congratulations!

  5. MagMom says:

    My father is an Eagle Scout, as is my husband. From my experience, they are wonderful people, made of wonderful stuff. Heartening to see and may your future spouse and possibly future children brag about your accomplishments some day 🙂

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