Walking School Bus is coming your way in May

Posted on May 2nd, 2013 by Sara

Lawton Elementary is sponsoring two ?Walk to School Days? this month.?The aim of this endeavor is to?reduce the amount of carbon emissions in our neighborhood, reduce the amount of traffic, build community with neighbors, and to make our community more lively.

Lawton Elementary?Teacher Lyon Terry?writes

Although our walking school busses run throughout the year, for the month of May we always try and put a big push out to get people on the routes! Staff and teachers will join kids on these days.

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  1. routinefly says:

    Unless you mean kisses, buses is spelled with one ‘s.’

    • Bob says:

      In 21st-century English, buses is the preferred plural of the noun bus. Busses appears occasionally, and dictionaries list it as a secondary spelling, but it?s been out of favor for over a century. This is true in all main varieties of English.

      • UmYeah says:

        Speak for yourself in terms of preference. I say and spell it “busses.” Byoozes sounds stupid and I’ll continue to make fun of you for saying and spelling it that way.

    • UmYeah says:

      And unless your pronunciation rhymes with muses, you should use the alternate spelling in the article.

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