Man tries to open front door?but the door doesn?t belong to him

Posted on April 29th, 2013 by Sara

And in the completely bizarre and unnerving category-this was emailed to us over the weekend:
A strange guy came to our front door tonight just before 10 PM and tried to open the door. We live on Magnolia Way West, near Magnolia Bridge. He didn’t knock or ring the door bell. We talked to him on our intercom and he sounded intoxicated. He asked where Magnolia was and I said, “You are in Magnolia.” I asked what he wanted and he just mumbled unintelligibly. He wasn’t claiming to be selling magazines or anything like that, as reported in other parts of Magnolia.
He asked where downtown Magnolia was, and I encouraged him to walk towards W. Galer, hoping he would leave. He was at our door for 10-15 minutes. We called 911 and reported him to the police. While we were on the phone, he finally began walked to W. Galer. He then turned west and continued walking towards the Village. Moments later we saw a police car go in his direction.
My wife thought he was a black guy, but he looked light-skinned to me. It was difficult to see him through our door glass. He was probably 5’10”, slender, and was wearing a black shirt. He may have had a long grey goatee. Again, it was difficult to get a good look at him.
I think he was drunk or on something and I doubt he could remember how to get back to our house even if he wanted to. Very bazaar.
Once again, lock your doors… even when you are home!?Please email us at with your experiences and sightings, no matter how large or small.

5 responses to “Man tries to open front door?but the door doesn?t belong to him”

  1. magnolia_mtb says:

    so it looks like Magnolia is still open for business with the criminals.

  2. SpellingPatrol says:

    you mean “very bizarre,” not “bazaar.”

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