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MV reader Mike writes
is this news worthy?
happens everyday!!!…

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  1. krz says:

    They’re not allowed on the school’s play fields either, but I’ll be damned if I don’t see dogs there every single day.

  2. Curi says:

    Seattle has more dogs than children. It’s shameful they have been given such a priority and no one enforces the laws to provide a dog free zone for those who don’t care to share their parks with other people’s drooling canines.

    People have lost their connections to their neighbors and have ever fewer face-to-face encounters they therefore put more and more energy into their pets. It is a sad commentary on our society and their misplaced values.

    Having traveled to New Zealand recently their policies about dogs are much more realistic for other animals in nature that dogs presence disturb. I came home convinced all these people who can’t leave their dogs at home were just plain nuts but we are too politically correct to day so! Don’t think it’s not thought of often silently.

    I see all these dogs in cars and helping drive and wonder what those interiors smell like—yuck!

    My peeve is pets in grocery stores and it frosts the store owners flakes too but they have to cave to the wacky “therapy dog” trend…

  3. Raven says:

    That very much is a daily occurrence at that beach and others. :/

  4. Felix Domesticus says:

    Where are the cats?

    • ericsmith says:

      Killing birds. Cats do far more damage to the environment than dogs. They kill thousands of birds. Cats should be kept indoors since they cannot be on a leash. If dogs peeve some of you, cats disgust me…they just use neighbors’ yards for their toilets, and make a sad mockery of birdfeeders…and their owners just say “its natural for cats to roam.”

      • krz says:

        My cat lives indoors and has been trained to use the toilet instead of a litter box. Try teaching a dog to do that.

        • ericsmith says:

          No need to. I clean up after my pet, who I walk once a day outside. People who keep their cats inside are by far the minority. Many articles have decried the unfair “balance of nature” with cats preying on animals in nature while they themselves are fed by humans and have no natural predators to pick them off. That is what bothers me the most…”Oh…cats like their birds” is what I have been told by people who feed cats on their backporch and then let them roam to be the killing machines they naturally are. Roaming dogs are picked up by animal control.

  5. bssusie says:

    They are trying to give dogs their own space but they too have to share their space with small children.

  6. Mr. Obvious says:

    Thanks to the dog owner that left a fresh “present” in my driveway today. So thoughtful…

  7. scooter says:

    Yes, the big news is those dogs are actually on leashes. More typically, they are are not leashed AND on the beach.

  8. GinGin says:

    Geesh people! I’m always saddened by the attitudes and intolerance on our community blogs. Dogs are wonderful companions that have been helping man for ages. It is not in their best interest to be treated like children instead of pets but we as a society live such empty lives spiritually and communally that it’s only natural we fill the void with sweet furry faces. Dogs are pretty amazing after all and should not be faulted for being loyal companions doing what comes natural.

    • krz says:

      I don’t think anyone’s expecting dogs to read the signs and respect the laws … just like I don’t expect dogs to bag their own poop and carry it off. You can love dogs, and still want their owners to responsibly obey and respect the laws associated with being a dog owner.

  9. bobmr says:

    For some, it’s less about intolerance for the dogs themselves and more about concern for the tidal wildlife and ecosystem. Dogs (whether or not on a leash) harass and scare away marine birds and animals and as a polluting memory leave, at best, a urine trail and, at worse, piles of feces. Keeping dogs (and cats and any other animal not native to beaches) off the beaches helps preserve the delicate mix of native land and water life.

    • Mother Nature says:

      Do you really think there’s no fecal matter in sea water? Where do you think fish and birds go? Sure, nobody wants to step in a pile of dog doo on the beach, but make that the crime, not the presence of the animal.

    • What's the real harm? says:

      Dogs are no less native to beaches than humans are.

    • Raven says:

      One of the reasons (to my knowledge) that they don’t want dogs on beaches is because seals often use them to give birth. Dogs running all over, unleashed, is a high stress to baby seals and birthing mothers. The ecosystem’s protection isn’t just about the dog poo.

  10. jilly says:

    I don’t go down there anymore because it’s so full of poo. It’s disgusting at that little beach. I’d hate to live right there.

    • Steve says:

      Come on folks. That’s not sewage (as if that’d be acceptable?), but that area could use some TLC especially on Earth Day. There once was a creek that flowed south through the field by the community center and the Village and emptied into the Sound. It’s been paved over but the water still has to go somewhere. I agree with bobmr above; it’s about the habitat and environment.

      • ericsmith says:

        Is it raw sewage or not? The hysterical poster above says it is raw sewage on a filthy beach. I really doubt whether environmental control in Seattle allows that…its just yard waste, right…or what? As for the damage from teenagers, if we value them more than dogs (hope so), I’d say the damage is about equal when you tally it all up. Who on earth would bring any child to play at a place with neighborhood effluence and broken glass from drunken kids? Maybe its just fit for dogs there.

  11. Drew says:

    Most of you guys are acting like you have a large stick up your bum. That beach is tiny, rocky and there’s almost never anyone there. Most dog owners I see on that beach clean up after their pets and also leave whenever others arrive. Does a happy dog playing in the water for a few minutes on an empty beach really offend you? Pick a bigger problem to get self-righteous about, please.

  12. MagQueen :D says:

    Do any of you happen to know where this picture is taken? … Its the glorious park we Magnolians love to call Shit Beach! It has sewage spewing out into the sound and polluting our beach. Also a large amount of litter from teens drinking, I think we should be more concerned about what damages we are doing to the environment rather than mans best friend and his owner enjoying their day at the beach. Note to: MV Writer Mike, It saddens me that this would even be a concern to you. You sound like someone who doesn’t belong in this community yourself.

    • Mother Nature says:

      So, if there’s animal feces being left and (worse) litter everywhere and (worst of all) SEWAGE spewing out, what are the citizens of Magnolia doing to enforce the laws and clean this beach up? (Seems to me that a dog walking on the beach is the least of the problems with this area, and no parent would want to take their child there!)

    • Magnoliaguy says:

      Wow – maybe you’re the one who doesn’t belong in this community. This person, is breaking the law, and unfortunately I see many other dog owners doing the same. It does not make it okay, just because others are polluting the beach or that there are more important laws.

  13. Nitpicky says:

    Honestly, my first thought was about how hard it was to read the signs with the lighting coming from behind them…

    • Steve says:

      My daughter and I picked up a 5 gallon bucket of trash at the park last Sunday. There were approximately 15 large piles of dog poop. So, yes, it does matter when you don’t pick up after your dog. Also, note to the person who’s so fond of Swisher Sweets: please stop tossing your garbage to the ground, and if you’re also the one not picking up after the dog…

  14. Right on Red says:

    To everyone that is bothered by this person having their dog on the beach? I am more bothered by other rules not being followed. For example, how many of you ?dog on beach complainers? are not making complete stops at stop signs or when making a right on red?
    There is no way you can safely make a right on red without coming to a stop. There are too many directions you need to check first. Seems like a much more serious crime.

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