April 11

Get a bird?s eye view of the Great Blue Heron?s nest starting this weekend

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Did you know the Great Blue Heron is Seattle?s official bird? And that we have a large nesting colony right here in Magnolia?
Heron Habitat Helpers is offering the chance to enjoy unparalleled views of nesting herons from a private backyard, and learn more about herons from resident experts. Many nests already have eggs and herons can be seen flying overhead with nesting material.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Atkins

Exclusive tours are free for all members of Heron Habitat Helpers.?? Yearly membership is $15. Click here to join or for more information. Call Heidi Carpine at 206-284-6489 to reserve your tour spot.

Tours available: April 13 at 11:00am, April 14 at 2pm and April 20 TBD.
Can’t make it to a tour? Click here to observe the fascinating phases of heron family life via their?heroncam.


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