More sandwich board vandalism

Posted on April 2nd, 2013 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
Whether it?s a random act of destruction, or a pointed act of vengeance ? the owner of Hazel House Cleaning is tired of being the victim. For several years Lisa Harvey?s sandwich boards have been stolen, vandalized, and just plain kicked over. She is not sure if the perpetrators are run-of-the-mill vandals or a rival business out to ruin hers.
?I don?t know why there?s animosity toward me. I?ve been doing this business for over 15 years,? she exclaims. ?It?s much more than a $200 sign. It?s my business, it?s my livelihood.?
Over the years police were called so often they stopped responding.
?The sign has been vandalized so many times the police won?t even come out here anymore. They directed us to the website and say just make a note of it. We?re on our own,? adds Kirk Verhey, Harvey?s field supervisor and fianc?.
?There?s a bunch of sandwich boards out in the neighborhood and they don?t get vandalized,? Harvey continues. ?There?s a chiropractor, there?s a spa ? all kinds of people?s signs stay out there and nothing ever happens to them. My sign keeps getting attacked.?
?We?ve had the sign bombed by paint twice this week alone,? adds Verhey. ?I fixed it over, and over, and over again. I am seriously upset.?
As for a permanent solution, Verhey says he doesn?t want more police patrols. He moved to Magnolia, he says, to get away from a heavy police presence.

?I think we need some kind of community watch or community patrol. We need to come together,? he states.

?It?s just bizarre to me. This needs to stop,? says Harvey. “I just might put my sign out there and stake it out… see who?s doing it.?


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  1. tester says:

    Why don’t you just install a trap – using a battery-operated security camera? Or hire a private investigator? At some point, your time is worth money and so are the signs. If it’s your livelihood you are fighting for, then I assume that is worth something….

  2. CrimeWatcher says:

    You might check the current City Ordinance on sandwich boards – unless it has changed, they are ILLEGAL on the sidewalks and parking strips in Seattle except in specific designated neighborhoods/locations. IF this still true, and IF you are not in compliance with your sandwich board, then I’m all for SPD finding other things to do with their time.

    • BicycleJoe says:

      “you might check” “unless it has changed” “except in specific” “If this is still true”… pure dribble of a post

  3. Hazel:-) says:

    @d71a3e48ad0e06b00c9575e2a6a4e3e6:disqus… I verified that my sandwich board signs were legal before I started putting them out in 2005. Furthermore, the City of Seattle told me that they will not remove signs without notifying the owner first. I advertise the way I do business … above board. I certainly would not want to do any thing illegal or be a nuisance to my neighbors in any way.

  4. Biz says:

    So Crimewatcher, SINCE it seems to be a legal sign, and SINCE your snark is unfounded, is it okay if the police investigate acts of vandalism in our neighborhood? I’d suggest you forward SPD a list of crimes that you think they should pay attention to. MAKE sure you capitalize FOR emphasis.

    Hazel, sorry about the signs. It must be extremely frustrating. Sounds like a competitor to me, and more than likely one that doesn’t follow the rules as you do. Better luck in the future.

  5. El Sid says:

    WOW, Crimewatcher. The article says for several years the sign has been getting attacked, you’d think she would know the rules on a sandwich board sign by now.

    Question for you CW. what do you do about the crime or do you just watch them? Cuz you dont seem to help out much. You should change your tag.

  6. Hazel-Nut says:

    Good job baby, I look kinna dorky though. What I like most is how it seems, most the people posting here have your back. THANKS EVERYONE!! and Steven Smalley for his attention to this problem.

  7. Hmmmm says:

    DJC blog post, if it works

    Per this Daily Journal of Commerce blog post in 2010, “?Currently, A-frame signs are illegal except in a City-approved district that has obtained a street use permit to allow and regulate A-frame signs (see BIA).? These districts, where A-frames still face strict rules, are Pioneer Square, Broadway, and the Pike Place Market.” FYI – a link to the City code in that post no longer works, however a list of current BIAs shows here:, and does not include Magnolia.

    Another resource I found on the City website says the following:

    Who can have a sandwich board?
    Only businesses within the districts listed above are legally approved for sandwich boards.

    How do I obtain sandwich board approval for my district?
    You need to have a business district group that has been approved by the City Council such as a BIA, historic or landmark district or Chamber of Commerce. 60% of all businesses in the area need to sign a petition approving the designation and you need $1 million in liability insurance with the City named as additionally insured (this could be a rider on an existing insurance policy).

    None of this is intended to justify the defacing of Hazel’s signs.

  8. Lady On Lynn says:

    “As for a permanent solution, Verhey says he doesn?t want more police patrols. ”
    I’d love to see more police patrols in our neighborhood because that would increase the odds of
    a) Catching the sign vandals
    b) Preventing other crimes
    c) Apprehending other criminals

    I hope the vandalism of Lisa’s signs stops and the offender is caught.

    • Hazel-Nut says:

      Good point, But when ya live on an island and I feel Magnolia is a landlocked island, the community is much closer I was just hoping this one could pull together and be a stronger one as well. Dont see it happening. So, I concur ‘more cops’ less community.

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