What is going on in Magnolia? One bad and one good

Posted on March 28th, 2013 by Sara

A magnolia woman got the shock of her life this morning when her home was?burglarized while she was in bed. (from the SPD blotter)

Officers responded to a report of an occupied burglary at a house in the 3300 block of 38 Ave W in Magnolia.? This morning just shortly after 9:00 a.m., the victim reported that she was asleep in her bedroom when she heard the door bell ring 3 times.

The victim stated that the bedroom door next to her bedroom opened up, and then her bedroom door opened up.? The victim hid in her bed, under her covers, until the suspects removed the covers and exclaimed that someone was in the house.

The suspects ran out of the house in a westward direction away from the scene.? Officers arrived and canvassed the neighborhood on foot and located two witnesses who observed the suspects running from the scene.

Officers conducted an area check with negative results.? Officers found that the suspects gained entry inside the home by prying open the back door.

The suspects are described as two black males in their 20s.?The investigation continues.



Just in case you were starting to think all was bad in our nabe… we received this email today:

Yesterday while walking back to our daughter’s house here in Magnolia my credit card and $14 fell out of my pocket un-noticed. I went back to the spot where it probably happened, but the card and money were gone. I cancelled the card. About an hour later Chase bank called to tell me someone had turned in the card and the money! I would love to thank the person(s) who were so kind to do this. This community has some very nice people living here.

– a visitor from Eugene, OR


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  1. Snarkbark says:

    One of the black males was probably the “door knocker’ canvassing the neighborhood over the last few weeks picking out “possibles”. If I see any black males (knockers, magazines, etc.) I am gonna film them and send the file to the cops. Time to put technology to work in catching these slime balls.

    • Bleh says:

      This was the first thing I thought of when I heard about the burglary. I’m the brother of one if the victims in this story and the fact that the suspects rang the doorbell several times made me immediately think of the tip on Magnolia Voice a few weeks back about someone going around knocking on doors and giving obvious advice about break ins. We’re all just extremely thankful no one was hurt, as things could have been so much worse.

      Though I no longer live in Magnolia myself, my family still calls it home and I regularly check Magnolia Voice for any tips from around the neighborhood that I might relay to them to keep an eye out for. That said, I am absolutely amazed at how much crime and general suspicious activity has seemingly escalated as of late, having lived in Magnolia for 20+ years.

    • Raven says:

      Be careful. One of the door knockers got aggressive with me & my neighbor and followed me to my car, threatening me the entire way. It was reported to the police as well, but just be careful.

    • El Sid says:

      thank you Snarkbark. great idea.

    • SeattleStudent says:

      Will you please consider how people reading this are going to feel? Did you really just threaten to call the cops if you see a black male in Magnolia? I’m ashamed to live in a community where people think it’s acceptable to say or think that. Pursue these suspects, sure, but don’t turn this particular crime into a racist and threatening rant. By the way, I’m neither black nor male.

      • ericsmith says:

        I agree, its very embarrassing. There are undeniably people who canvas the neighborborhoods with the idea of breaking in…but in my past experience it was often (twice) spoiled arrogant white Magnolia teenagers with parents who were doing “more important” things than watching what their kids were doing…who trashed and broke into people’s homes. I remember one kid peeing in a neighbor’s fountain when he and his friends were drunk and the parents weren’t home…perhaps out drinking themselves, who knows. I cringe when I hear the racist overtones as well. .

    • ericsmith says:

      I don’t have a fenced yard, but I do have wooden entrygates I built that I lock. The rest are hedges. I have gone from the usual irritating door knockers/pollsters to absolutely zero intrusions for the last two years. No entry….Mailbox on the outside. The solution cost less than $300. I tend to go out through the garage anyway. Oh, and a motion spotlight on the gates at night. If it is so irritating to have people bother you, this seems to me to be a working solution….to break and enter someone would have to muscle through the hedges, which is kind of noticeable, to say the least. All the “no soliciter” signs accomplished nothing.

  2. kitteh says:

    I saw three black males walking rapidly northeast on Thorndyke around the same time. The one in the back kept turning around and looking down streets then would catch up with the rest.

  3. magnolia_mtb says:

    So have we really gotten to the point that people with house alarms need to have them on even if we’re home? I can just see the SPD pointing and laughing at us while we complain about our recent (minor?) criminal activity

    • El Sid says:

      seriously? minor? major crime always starts with minor. btw SPD points and laughs at everybody. Protect and serve is long gone. Maybe you’ll get to feel first hand this minor crime. That might change your tune. I personally am tired of being victimized.

      • magnolia_mtb says:

        yes minor relatively speaking. some of us didn’t grow up in the sheltered community of magnolia. some like myself grew up in major urban cities where a smashed storefront window and a stolen gumball machine are low on the list of police. which is the way SPD is looking at us now. Police unfortunately step up patrols when more serious crimes accour. that’s the sad truth. you want to go vigilante and that’s fine with me. I hope you stay safe.

        • El Sid says:

          you fail to mention breaking an entering. and where does our minor crime go from there? I grew up all along the West Coast. From Long Beach California to Everett Washington. and I’d hate to see Magnolia turn into either 1 of those places. if they were sincere I think you for your kind thoughts on my safety. but there is safety in numbers that’s why thugs are getting away with what are getting away with. and the SPD is laughing

  4. El Sid says:

    I am about ready to go vigilante on this community. I am sick of it. We are out here being victimized and the “authorities” cant seem to do anything about it. Anyone want to start a patrol with me? let me know at elsidsnarl@gmail.com

    • magmom says:

      George Zimmerman took matters into his own hands and went vigilante, and an innocent person is dead b/c Zimmerman was eager to use his gun, self-righteous, and wary of blacks.

  5. El Sid says:

    one bad one good? are you kidding me? returning 14 bucks and a cancelled ATM card does not level out and burglary.

    • Sara says:

      A note from the editor: The title of the post was in no way meant to imply that the two stories in ANY WAY cancelled each other out.. One story is a hideous and scary assault on our sense of security, and the other a light piece about the goodness of someone’s heart. Sorry for any confusion.

  6. Neighbor to the North says:

    I saw the burglary suspects running from the scene (38th & Bertona) at that time and followed them in my car as they headed toward Discovery Park. Just now called in descriptions to the detectives. I can definitely ID them if they get picked up. Thanks Magnolia Voice!

  7. Seriously? says:

    Note to self: black males are no longer allowed in Magnolia.

  8. Walker says:

    I’m glad the credit card and cash were found. I work at one of the places the visitor from Eugene had come to and was sorry I had no information about her card when she called about it.

  9. Coffee bean says:

    I’m surprised that Magnolia Voice did not report the Thursday morning break in at Uptown in the village. The window was smashed in and apparently the register was taken. So if we’re keeping score make that two bad …

  10. ralph says:

    If enough people pick up video cameras it really would not take much effort to record the criminals that come into the community. Get a good quality camera and connect it to your computer, some are even wireless.

  11. caffe latte says:

    Thanks, SeattleStudent and magmom, for pointing out the reactionary and racist nature of comments by El Sid and Snarkbark. I personally know of three Magnolia breaking and entry felonies (two with minor and/or elderly residents asleep in their homes) committed by 3 separate groups of privileged white Magnolia teenagers whose comments on being caught indicated they felt the rules of criminal justice didn’t apply to them. If you think crime in Magtown is only caused by outsiders or people who don’t look like you, please broaden your knowledge.

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