Another Village break-in ? Home of the Velvet Foam

Posted on March 28th, 2013 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

For the second time in four days, another smash-and-grab burglary has occurred in the Village. Just like the last break in, the alarm sent the thieves scurrying to snatch what they could and get out the door ? or in this case, a tall window that was broken at Uptown Espresso.

Similar to Sunday?s break-in at Gim Wah restaurant, a sizable front pane was shattered to gain access to the establishment around 4 AM, which set off the burglar alarm, alerting police. The only thing taken, according to sources who spoke with Magnolia Voice, was the 20-year-old cash register with a few coins left in it. Nothing else was gone as far as anyone could tell.

?It was kind of a dumb break-in,? says the source, confirming Uptown?s Belltown store was broken into a few weeks ago too.

Glass crews were seen installing a new window by mid-afternoon. As of press time, suspects are still at large.

5 responses to “Another Village break-in ? Home of the Velvet Foam”

  1. Snarkbark says:

    I hope these businesses have 24 hour security cameras. They are so small these days they are virtually undetectable.

  2. El Sid says:

    Lets go vigilante on this community. I am sick of it. We are out here being victimized and the “authorities” cant seem to do anything about it. Anyone want to start a patrol with me? let me know at

  3. Not a Victim says:

    The window breakers are kids. Ringing the bell and breaking in ? those are adults, really bad ones. My insurance is with Smith & Wesson.

  4. celin says:

    Magnolia or White Center can’t see the deference

  5. Who is that cutie with the sunglasses

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