Several bicycles stolen last night from apartment building

Posted on February 19th, 2013 by Sara

Someone (or a group of someones) helped themselves?to a bunch of bikes last night.? We received this email from an anonymous?tipster:

Sometime last night someone got into (our) secured garage on 21st ave w and Thorndyke and stole several bicycles. This required breaking cable and U-shaped metal locks. Due to the remote location of the building and where the bikes are held this had to be well thought out (let alone a truck to move all of them). There are security cameras and I am sure management is investigating, but there is no further word.

Please call 911 if you have any information.


4 responses to “Several bicycles stolen last night from apartment building”

  1. mag resident says:

    If I am thinking of the apartment complex that fits this description, my bike was stolen previously out of this same complex a little over a year ago. I had trusted that it was a secure garage and didn’t have my bike locked up, so that was my bad, but management never bothered to get back to me after I reported it stolen even though they have a security camera right at the exit of the garage. Maybe since a bunch were stolen all at once this time, they will take some more time to review and be able to track someone down.

  2. halpern says:

    There is something fishy about that building. I have friends who used to live there and were ripped off 3 times. The basement has cameras but kinda funny they wont share any video with tenants. Inside job ? My friends lived there for 2 yrs, there were over 30 parking garage thefts. Its like they had keys , it happened in the middle of the night and broad daylight.

    • mag resident says:

      inside job was the first thing that crossed my mind when my bike was stolen out of this complex last year. no signs of forced entry so it had to be someone that has keys or was with someone with keys to the complex…

  3. rampart says:

    really? “call 911 with information”???? are you joking?

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