Brand-new wood-fired pizza truck on Elliott

Posted on February 14th, 2013 by Sara

An MV reader writes

A neighbor of mine who is a master chef just branched out for the first time and started his own thing? a food truck down on Elliott near the Starbucks. It?s called ?Seattle Wood Fired Pizza? and is basically a wood fired oven on wheels that kicks out super delicious thin crust pizza super fast. He just opened up a couple weeks ago…In any case, being that AJ lives here in Magnolia and his new gig is more or less in Interbay I figured it might be worth mentioning or at least worthy of putting up in the restaurant section. For those who want something fast, priced well and nearby or for those who love pizza this is a pretty big coup!


We tried the veggie pizza this afternoon and it was fast and delicious.??My?kids loved it.? We will be back!

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2 responses to “Brand-new wood-fired pizza truck on Elliott”

  1. Magnolia Food Lover says:

    DELICIOUS, quick and extremely friendly service. AJ has a great menu with quality ingredients, a tasty crust and savory base sauce. Highly recommended!

  2. Joe says:

    We tried them for the first time this past weekend. My kid loved watching our pizza get made in the “fire oven”. Easy parking of course since it’s in a giant parking lot so just park right next to them. Super friendly and they accept credit cards. Cheap for a wood fired pizza since it’s take home and plenty yummy. Check out the special pizza of the day. They have a web site too:

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