A-Frame Sign Cut Up ? Message Sent

Posted on February 7th, 2013 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

It looks as though someone tried to send a message to Gilman Avenue Coffee, Sunday night, using a circular saw as a pencil. Persons unknown, intent on delivering a nasty missive to one of the area?s newest businesses, used a power saw to cut up their A-frame advertising sign, dozens of which, owned by various firms, routinely inhabit our neighborhood.

??????????? Employee John Liberty came to work to discover half of their sign, which had been neatly cut into several pieces, deposited in the his garbage can. The other half of the chopped up A-board was left on the corner where it was last seen the day before.

??????????? ?I don?t know who did it. We haven?t had any rivalries with any other competing businesses. We haven?t had any customer complaints,? he said. ?It doesn’t look like vandalism by any means.?

??????????? When Seattle Police came by, they immediately spoke with other businesses in the area to see if they possessed video images which could possibly identify a suspect. No word yet on that front.

??????????? ?Small businesses do not have the luxury of advertising and spending thousands of dollars on TV,? Liberty said. ?We rely on neighborhood marketing…Lots of businesses take advantage of it. I don?t see any reason why we shouldn’t be a part of it too.?

??????????? Along with the sliced up sign in the garbage, a pair of gloves were also found neatly rolled together in a bundle, possibly left by the perpetrator.

??????????? ?It?s upsetting. We are just starting off,? Liberty added. ?Every dollar counts. We are doing everything we possibly can to make a dollar, while being on a shoestring budget.?

??????????? A customer in the caf?, a long-time Magnolia resident, had a different theory. ?I think it would be one of the disgruntled neighbors. They take it upon themselves to act on everyone?s behalf on what they think is acceptable in the neighborhood,? he said. ?We?ve experienced these self-appointed vigilantes in the past.?

??????????? There is no word yet on whether the owners will replace the sign.


9 responses to “A-Frame Sign Cut Up ? Message Sent”

  1. Keith S. says:

    This is shameful. I expect more from Magnolia than petty vandalism, especially given that John and the folks at Gilman Coffee are REALLY nice, and outstanding members of the Magnolia community. Not to mention it’s damned good coffee. I don’t have high hopes, but I honestly hope the perpetrators are caught and brought to justice.

  2. Nicely said Keith. It’s just so Sad. Yes Gillman Coffee is just the type of business that brings character to the hood. Not to mention the excellent beans and warm hospitable owners and staff. I tip my hat to them. I just wonder what kind of demented unseemly person would do such a thing ! Disgusting ! I travel for a living and often talk with pride when people ask me about where I live- Magnolia. A special place to live. Quiet,peaceful,charming and historic. A fine place to raise a family and a good place to retire. As of late things are changing over here on the eastside. I welcome the younger set yet miss many of my neighbors that have passed on. I can only wish that our new additions would take time to think and be thankful to live in such a nice place. Where-as many of Seattle’s other hoods have taken on a more transient character Magnolia has a certain charm.

  3. BicycleJoe says:

    Dunno.. for some reason I just get the feeling there is just something missing from this story? Was the sign in a very dangerous or obnoxios location? Does one of the owners or employees have an on-going beef with somebody?.. I thought the coffee was OK and the manager was real friendly. Sure its disappointing but dont let the actions of one more demented crack head bring you down.

  4. rampart says:

    Magnolia, you sure are a strange neighborhood. lots of self appointed busy-bodies out there…don’t park here, don’t use this street to cut traffic, don’t put your sign on the sidewalk.
    mind your own business….

    • BicycleJoe says:

      On occassion I encounter large sandwich boards located too close to driveways, intersections and side streets which obstruct the view of on coming traffic that create an unneccessary risk to both drivers and pedestrians. If I have to navigate something like this in my neighborhood then I certainly do consider it “my business.”

      • ericsmith says:

        I agree with you. In the past members of our family owned a large business and the A-style advertising signs their company put at intersections pointing the way to the business were regularly taken down by people who complained about them in the way people might complain about election signs left too long. In the end they had to rent space on someone’s land at the intersections to put up the signs. But even though our family benefited from those signs financially I think I have to agree with you that it is a form of pollution, And when one company does it, everyone around them often does it too. Yes, it is a form of affordable advertising, but just postulate: if everyone did it how would it be? Busybodies or not, people in Magnolia would like some ambiance to the neighborhood. We did to others what we didn’t want done to us…and are hopefully wiser now.

  5. Valentijn says:

    Pretty sure A-frame signs aren’t allowed to be left out at a night, even when their use is legal. And as of a couple years ago, their use wasn’t legal at all outside of specific areas that don’t include magnolia.

  6. Classy. I think I may just go get a cup to help support them.

    Regardless of whether the A-frame was legally placed, vigilante-style destruction is NOT the way to go about dealing with it. There are channels for this sort of thing and they should be used. Whoever did this should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

  7. MagRes says:

    The signs are supposed to be taken in at night. Whoever cut the sign up took it to the extreem to send them that message.

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