Incident involving cars and guns on 27th and W Dravus

Posted on February 3rd, 2013 by Sara

UPDATE 2/7/2013

A neighbor who witnessed last week’s shooting writes:

The puple camaro was found off 29th street and it was picked up by police to identify it. (To my knowledge) it was impounded. Also, one fragment of a bullet was found, it hit my neighbors? house across the street, left a mark and hit 2 ft. from a window where her head was.

We have received multiple emails regarding an incident that happened late Thursday afternoon on 27th ave W and W Dravus.?Here is?one:

Hello, I met a Magnolia-mom yesterday who told me there was a shooting episode right outside her house yesterday around 4:30pm. She said a purple camaro drove down Dravus, then came backing up full speed. Another car was chasing it. She saw a man pull down the window and shoot after the camaro. They called 911 and the police arrived immediately.

Here is what Seattle Police Department’s “Tweets by Beat” wrote:

SeattlePD Queen1?@SeattlePDQ1

Beat:Q1, SHOTS -DELAY/INCLUDES HEARD/NO ASSAULT at 27 AV W / W DRAVUS ST reported on 1/31/2013 4:52 PM

In response to an email asking about the incident, SPD Detective Mark Jamieson writes:

Caller reported hearing what sounded like 2 shots.? They believed that? people inside a gray car were shooting at people inside a purple car.? Officers responded to the area, but none of the cars described were located.? Officers did not locate any physical evidence of shots fired, nor was there any property damage located.? We cleared the area after doing an area search just before 6:30.


11 responses to “Incident involving cars and guns on 27th and W Dravus”

  1. I was wondering what was going on when I saw that tweet?

  2. MagnoliaMom says:

    Lest anyone read this and think that nothing happened, there were multiple witnesses to this shooting. The police did pick up casings from the street and pulled bullets out of houses. At least one of the cars involved has been located and impounded.

    • BicycleJoe says:

      I tend to belive you MM. But I really wonder why the SPD is saying- “Officers did not locate any physical evidence of shots fired, nor was there any property damage located.” Is this SPD person just behind the info curve?

  3. BicycleJoe says:

    Quite interesting that this story hasnt generated more reaction or response? Are people in shock? I was… for about a minute.

    • MagnoliaMom says:

      I keep waiting for MV to update this story. Still waiting.

    • MagnoliaMom says:

      Are people in shock? No. People think, “Oh, the Magnolia Voice reported that someone ‘heard a noise’ and the police didn’t find anything, so nothing happened.” I have had more than one person tell me that.

      I’m really disappointed in the way that this has been reported (as if nothing truly happened) and that there has been no followup. The fact is that a Magnolia resident was nearly shot through the window of her own home and the car from which the shots were fired has been seen cruising around the neighborhood several times since the shooting.

      • guest says:

        I agree. It’d be great if there was a follow up. Has anyone got the license plate number? Shouldn’t police be notified that the car has been seen several times?

        • MagnoliaMom says:

          I don’t know about the plate number, but the police have been out several times. Look at all of the reports of “suspicious person” at that location on their twitter from around that time.

  4. Diogenes says:

    SPD assures us of “no gang presence” in Magnolia. Any child can observe their presence on the streets. Seattle City Council’s obsession is The “Sanctuary City”–the wet dream of the hard core lefty. That means more lowlifes as your neighbors: gangstas, bums, illegals, pederasts…any form of miscreant that can whittle away at the core values of civilized society.

    • AF says:

      Diogenes, that is quite a hateful statement to make and I hope that other neighbors in Magnolia don’t share your attitudes. A sanctuary city refers to protections for undocumented immigrants. Agree or disagree with this approach, to lump together immigrants with pederasts, etc. is an ugly thing to say. No one wants violence or crime here, but we should be able to talk about that without spewing hate.

    • Xtremist says:

      Wow… that is one twisted rant.

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