One bank robber in custody. Two to go?

Posted on January 29th, 2013 by Sara

They may not have?Magnolia’s most recent bank robber in custody that we know of, but it seems?authorities have gotten one of?the bad guys. Police blotter author Jonah Spangenthal-Lee writes “Police believe they?ve finally found an elusive bank robber famous for resembling that guy who sang about searching for his lost shaker of salt

?The Safe Streets Task Force has been after the 44-year-old Jimmy Buffett Bandit since September, when he first began his robbery spree. Police believe the man is responsible for at least nine different bank robberies in and around Seattle:

1. 9/7/12 Key Bank at 7307 35th Ave NE in Seattle

2. 10/2/12 Homestreet Bank at 8200 35th Ave NE in Seattle

3. 10/30/12 Peoples Bank at 3300 W. McGraw St. in Seattle

4. 11/5/12 US Bank at 4040 Factoria Blvd SE in Bellevue

5. 11/28/12 US Bank at 8702 35th Ave NE in Seattle

6. 12/13/12 US Bank at 17601 SE 272nd St. in Covington

7. 12/19/12 Wells Fargo at 9750 NE 117th Lane in Kirkland

8. 1/15/13 Wells Fargo at 1419 Marvin Rd NE in Lacey

9. 1/24/13 US Bank at 1019 8th Ave N in Seattle

Spangenthal-Lee writes “Margaritas will be hard to come by where he?s going.”

Police nabbed the robber?last Thursday night.? Here’s what went down, according to the SPD Blotter:

After receiving a report of a robbery Thursday evening, police walked into a South Lake Union bank and found cash and a gun strwhat happened during the incident ewn across the bank?s floor, and a security guard holding down a masked robber.

Around 5:30 pm Thursday, a 44-year-old man?dressed in a ski mask and armed with a gun?walked into the US Bank near Westlake Avenue and 8th Avenue N., threatened to shoot a bank clerk, and demanded cash.

As the bank clerk was handing money over to the suspect, a bank security guard walked up behind the robber and knocked his gun (which turned out to be fake) out of his hand.

The suspect wrestled with the guard, and both men fell to the floor. The guard was able to overpower the suspect, and hold him down until police arrived and arrested him.

Photo from SPD Blotter


2 responses to “One bank robber in custody. Two to go?”

  1. Tom says:

    And he knows, it’s his own damn fault…..

  2. McKenzie says:

    What a brave security guard! We need more men like him! Way to go!

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