Nikos Gyros Gives Back

Posted on January 29th, 2013 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley
This year is going to be different for Alexandra ?Alex? Serpanos, owner of Nikos Gyros restaurant in the Village. In 2013 she is going to give back to the community with all of her heart. The famous sign in the window, ?Never on Sunday? needs to be changed. ?Now it?s almost always never on Sunday,? she says, blushingly.
The last Sunday of every month this year will be a day business is open, but not for business-as-usual. Beginning this past Sunday, 100% of all proceeds, including tips, will go to a different charitable organization chosen by the restaurant. January is designated for the Moyer Foundation?s Camp Erin, a bereavement camp for children. The camp is an opportunity for children who have lost someone to be around other kids in similar situations. The services are provided at no charge.
?I don?t have the final numbers. I know we did well. We also had customers who came to eat who wrote out nice checks,? Alex explains.
The last Sunday of each month this year, the restaurant will be open to serve breakfast, which is not their usual fare. All proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations.
?I felt good about it from the beginning. I was a little nervous because I had never done breakfast before. It went well, but we are ready for more volume,? she says. The charities designated to receive the proceeds from the restaurant?s efforts will change every month. Alexandra has spoken with organizations concerning foster children, senior citizens, women?s shelters, and food banks. In a message to the folks in Magnolia she asks, ?There?s a lot of people in need. Please come in. You?re supporting a wonderful cause. I believe the more good you do, the more good that comes back.? Additionally, others are helping in different ways inside the restaurant during the event. ?I had two high school students come in and serve. They were able to get service hours for their graduation requirement at school,? she says. To volunteer or help in any way, Alex suggests you call the restaurant at 206-285-4778.

4 responses to “Nikos Gyros Gives Back”

  1. FiddlerTim says:

    My daughter and I love this restaurant – their Greek Fries brighten any day – and Camp Erin is such a worthy cause, a program that helps kids across the US every year. These guys are the best.

  2. Priscilla says:

    This family really cares and is such a genuine kind part of our community. I feel old when I see Niko as a young man after so many years of seeing him grow up. Bravo for your commitment to charity and to your staff who are all pitching in.

    Maybe other local businesses will follow this example with organized days set aside to highlight a nonprofit.

    Alex said several people came in and gave additional checks for Camp Erin. It makes me proud to call Magnolia home.

  3. Pavlos says:

    We love this restaurant. My wife is Greek (her family is Greek) and believes this restaurant serves the best Greek food in the city. And you can’t beat the prices. Kudos to Alex, Mary, George and co.

  4. Ajax says:

    Kudos to Nikos! What a wonderful thing to do…..

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