Magnolia Transit Riders meeting tonight

Posted on January 22nd, 2013 by Sara

Magnolia Transit Riders Group is meeting tonight to generate ideas for bringing increasing bus service in our neighborhood after recent cuts.? Founder James McIntosh says

The whole future of Public Transportation especially in the off-peak is at stake, not just in our neighborhood but in many other neighborhoods throughout the State and the whole country. If people don?t act now, there will be even more severe cuts coming.?We in Magnolia want to see restoration of at least 20 hour transit service throughout the 24 hour period.

All are welcome.

Meeting information

  • Tuesday, January 22?at
  • Magnolia United Methodist Church , 2836 34th Ave. W.

There will be a follow-up on Meeting with King County Metro Transit

  • Tuesday?, January?29?at
  • Magnolia United Methodist Church
Magnolia Transit Riders Group?

206 518-0885


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  1. Numbers Nerd says:

    We need less bus service, not more. Once rush hour is done, the buses are empty. All they do is chew up the streets. I say end bus service in Magnolia after 7 p.m., and on weekends and holidays. For habdicapped people, rely on the Access service. Everyone else, take cabs or move to Ballard or Capitol Hill.

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