Suspicious circumstances yesterday on 28th and Fulton

Posted on January 17th, 2013 by Sara


We just received this email from Lawton’s Principal

January 17, 2013

Good afternoon Lawton Community,

Yesterday two incidents happened off- campus that raise safety concerns for us.? Safety, as always, is a priority for us and I want to communicate the information we know.

?The first issue was an armed robbery of US Bank in The Magnolia Village ? there was an error made on the part of the police department that initially triggered lockdown at McClure Middle School in Queen Anne instead of Blaine K-8.? This rippled over and caused Coe Elementary in Queen Anne to be locked down as well given its proximity to McClure.?? I spoke with the officer who made that call and he said he was trying to be proactive when he heard it over the radio ? bypassing the more usual computer dispatch system that generates notices to schools.? Normally given the location of the robbery Lawton, Coe and McClure would not go on lockdown.

?The second incident involved a lower-elementary school student from Lawton walking from his bus stop to his home.? The boy was approaching his home and was followed by a juvenile male he did not recognize.? As the student entered his property he was grabbed on the nape of the neck.? The student ran and the assailant did not pursue.

?While the details and motivations behind the incident are not fully known, the student did the right things to keep himself safe:? Being aware of his surroundings; making a noise; pushing the person away; running to his house.?? In addition, it is a good idea to work with your children in identifying safe houses on the block of families you know and, whenever possible, having students buddy up when walking.

?We are all grateful that the student is not hurt and safe.? Police do not report any geographic pattern to be present for incidents like this in Magnolia.? This incident happened about halfway between Lawton and Blaine?s campus.? As a school we have a strong record of safety and appreciate your partnership in helping maintain that.


Neil Gerrans

Lawton Principal


I don’t even know how to introduce this blog post.? As a parent, this strikes me to the core. Yesterday, there was a suspicious circumstance (edited) on 28th.? According to an incident report filed with the Seattle Police Department (as confirmed over the phone by Det. Mark Jamieson):

At approximately 3:30pm, near the corner of 28th W. and W. Fulton, the complainant a 7 y/o child was approached and grabbed from behind around his neck and by his backpack, as he walked up the steps to his front yard and home from the street level, after walking approximately a half block from his school bus stop.? The victim yelled “Hey” and hit at the suspect and the suspect released his hold and continued to head south down 28th Ave. W.? The suspect is described as a white male of medium build with dark or brown hair and was wearing dark pants and a blue sweatshirt.

The child’s father came out of the house and contacted SPD and filed a report. The suspect is still at large.

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  1. Priscilla says:

    I am so distressed at this report and what has been going on criminally in our neighborhood. We must all stay vigilant and protect our neighbors. If you see something suspicious say something don’t just ignore it. This is the only way to put a damper on this scourge that had infested our community.

    • ericsmith says:

      I completely agree. Of the following precautions, I have done all, and recommend them though they are not foolproof: Get spotlights with motion detectors for your yards. They have them with shields so they illuminate just your yard and not into your neighbors’ eyes. Get an alarm system in and put up the sign on a post on every side of your house in a prominent place. If you don’t have a fence or can’t (I can’t), have locked gates. If you have hedges, put the equivalent of razor wire on the inside of them so someone cannot push through. I haven’t gone quite this far, but I’ve gone close. Lastly, keep strategic lights on in the house when you are gone…and during the day think of some way to show the house is occupied. The police recommended all of these to us and they make us feel better protected and make us seem a less desirable target. Again, though, nothing is foolproof, especially if a Mercedes is parked out front…so yes, try to keep your car in the garage whatever the make. Toyotas are desirable for parts, etc.

      • eric smith says:

        Also, I apologize, since this posting is about the child. I was referring to the prowler problem in a different posting. If it were my child, I’d think of having a stun gun in the backpack. I find cracking it sends all dogs running when I am running or walking my own dog…and is harmless to the person using it. Perhaps this is inappropriate for a small child, in which case would be interested to hear other solutions as to what a child could do to ward off harm.

        • NosyNeighbor says:

          Sending stun guns to school with our kids? D’ya think?

          • ericsmith says:

            No I don’t think that is a good idea for young kids. It is an absolutely great idea for teens. I’m sure there are those who will disagree, but a harassed kid does well to have protection, and yes in the wrong hands its a wrong thing to have. What do YOU think a kid should carry to protect himself against a very real violent threat? If you see young kids as vulnerable and out there, what do YOU suggest they do to protect themselves if they are afraid?

          • NosyNeighbor says:

            Completely disagree. There’s nothing that a bunch of angry, hormonal youth need less than access to stun guns in school. Just imagine being a bullied teen, knowing that your tormentor has a stun gun in his backpack and is waiting for you with five of his friends in the halls of your school.

  2. This is 6 blocks from my house. I take a break everyday at work and I go and pick up my daughter from her bus stop and drive her home. This makes me so sick. I am so glad my boss let’s me do this everyday.

  3. NosyNeighbor says:

    3:30, Blaine wasn’t out yet.

  4. monkeylavender says:

    This is greatly disturbing to hear. I walk up to 28th every morning to catch the bus and see numerous kids walking to school by themselves. With the recent crime incidents increasing, our neighborhood isn’t safe anymore.

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