There Will Be Snow ? Help Set a Record for the World?s Largest Snowball Fight

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 by Sara

From our friends at Queen Anne View


Have you ever wanted to help set a Guinness World Record? How about participate in a monster snowball fight? And help out a local charity while doing so? Well, you?re in luck ? mark your calendars for Snow Dayon January 12th at the Seattle Center.

The Snow Day organizers have arranged for 162,000 pounds of snow to be transported from the mountain passes (where they have plenty to go around) to the Seattle Center ? about 34 dump truck loads. Once the snow is delivered, teams and individuals can participate in what we all hope will be the World?s Largest Snowball Fight, right here in Seattle:

?After a series of hilarious phone calls, we?ve finally figured out how to transport 162,000 lbs. of snow from the mountain passes into Seattle Center. Local organizations will use the snow to build forts and castles in an epic competition against snow kings and queens. Minutes after the most majestic snow fort is crowned, six thousand people will descend upon the snow fort village in an attempt to break the record for the World?s Largest Snowball Fight (officially held by the Republic of Korea at 5,387 participants).?

It costs $25/person to participate in the Snow Day snowball fight, with all proceeds benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County ? according to Snow Day?s Neil Bergquist, Snow Day?s ?mission is to raise money for kids by remembering what it?s like to be one.? Fort building is currently limited to groups only ? if you have an organization, business, or group, email to reserve a fort space.

Also, please note that due to liability issues (it is a snowball fight, after all), you must be 18 or older to participate, sign a disclaimer and liability waiver, and bring eye protection. No eye protection = no participation! If you?re interested, register now, as the maximum capacity for the Seattle Center is 6,000 and they?re nearing the maximum.

Key Details:

  • What: Snow Day, aka the World?s Largest Snowball Fight
  • Ages: 18+
  • Where: Seattle Center, Center Square
  • When: Saturday January 12th
    • Noon: Registration begins
    • 1:00pm: Snow Fort and Snow Castle competition begins
    • 4:30pm: Snow Fort and Snow Castle winners announced
    • 5:00pm: World?s largest snowball fight
    • 6:00pm: Pub crawl and war stories

3 responses to “There Will Be Snow ? Help Set a Record for the World?s Largest Snowball Fight”

  1. suzanne2 says:

    It sounded wonderful as I was reading… But then I saw the $25 entrance fee. And the no-kids-allowed. Seriously? Trucking in all this snow and you couldn’t find a way to put some of it in a kids’ play space for free or $5? Meh.

  2. ThickNasty says:

    Still sounds awesome to me! I’m game!

  3. Keith S. says:

    Seems a little over the top to limit to 18 and older — and prohibitive.
    I mean, really, how often are teenagers seriously hurt by a snowball? They could have at least made it 12 and up. Families and most parents are probably not going to be able to attend, so hitting 6000 — and at such a high price — looks to be like an even bigger challenge than hauling that snow.

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