Stranger coming up to houses at night on magnolia blvd 2300 block

Posted on December 19th, 2012 by Sara

?It seems there is an amateur holiday lights photographer?in the neighborhood.
My family and I wanted to let people know that a man has come by tonight around 7:45pm and had dropped off a picture he took of our house maybe last week at night of our lights. He came down here tonight and asked if we had seen the picture and liked it. He then walked away and we went to look for him five minutes later. We have called all our neighbors on the 2300 block of the Magnolia blvd. There is one other family that said they came up to their house. A young girl neighbor said he came up to her in a white volvo station wagon around 3:45pm and gave her the photo. We wanted to make sure everyone knows and is aware that someone might be casing some houses. Please be careful and aware that this guy might be strange. he seems as though he has been hanging out for hours on end in this neighborhood. Please let us know if anyone has seen this happen again.
The Daigers

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  1. BicycleJoe says:

    white volvo station wagon – license plate number would be wonderful thing to capture next time you see him

  2. Otter2 says:

    Then again, he may be perfectly harmless and thinks that he’s doing a kindness by giving a photo of a nicely decorated house. Yes, I’m vigilant and not at all naive — that he approached a child could and should be perceived as scary. I’d suggest calling the non-emergency number of the West Precinct and relating what happened. I did that once and the sergeant was extremely helpful and also reassuring.

    No mention of his age — Christmastime is a very lonely time for some people. He may be very lonely and mourning past Christmases that no longer happen for him and he’s compensating.

    Still, I appreciate the heads up. I want to think the best despite myself. 🙂

    Merry Christmas neighbors.

  3. Steve says:

    I had the same guy come by our house with a photo of our house. I was under the same impression as he was very strange and looked to be casing houses. I anyone else has this happen please get a plate number.

  4. Dr. Phil says:

    Paranoia is a terrible thing.

  5. P.E. says:

    There was a white Volvo involved in a robbery at Northgate mall, where the suspect tried to rob two women in the parking garage. They fought him, but he still escaped with some of their property. The volvo had blacked out windows and a covered license plate. Not saying it was the same car, but if you see a white one crusing around Magnolia, maybe look for plates? If they are covered, run and call the police! Thanks for posting– better safe than sorry!

  6. Shaniqua says:

    Seeing an individual driving a Volvo in Seattle is not exactly a once-in-a-lifetime event. Also, the Seattle Police may have their problems, but they are way ahead of you armchair detectives when it comes to analyzing crime data. C’mon, ‘fess up. How many of you called them to tell them about the white Volvo?

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