New China Express- not to be missed

Posted on December 6th, 2012 by Sara


Several of our readers have emailed us about? the great?Chinese food on Thorndyke- New China Express, so I decided to check it out.? The food was freshly prepared and amazing. Here are a couple of photos:

Barley green pot stickers with pork

Hand shaved?noodles with chicken

Hand shaved barley green noodles with shrimp

The prices are great, portions are generous- appetizers in the $5-$6 range, and main dishes between $7 and $10.? The vegetables were perfectly cooked- fresh flavorful, and the noodles were to die for.??I took tons of leftovers home to my happy husband and kids.

They deliver with a minimum order of $15.

Open 7 days a week

Monday-Friday noon-midnight, ?Saturday and Sunday 4pm-midnight

2809 Thorndyke Ave W



12 responses to “New China Express- not to be missed”

  1. Tootie says:

    Too bad the Magnolia Voice can’t update the restaurant guide to include this yummy place and the closure and opening of several others in our neighborhood. What is it the problem????

  2. Owner Of New China Express says:

    Thank you for the pictures! I received them this morning at the front door.Thanks for your kindness! 🙂

  3. Magnolia resident says:

    We have found the owners to be sincere to the customers and genuinely interested in preparing great Chinese food. What a treasure!

  4. ThurmanThug says:

    We’ve been there many times, great food!

  5. Valentijn says:


  6. Mike says:

    We used to visit this place but then had a terrible experience that has stopped us from returning.

    During the summer and they placed a giant sign that read “roof deck open!” and as we came in the door we asked to be seated upstairs. The waiter looked confused and simply replied “ugh, the deck is dirty”. And I said, “Your sign says the deck is open. So it’s not open?”, waiting for the waiter to say it will be a moment as he cleans it, but he just says “sorry”.

    We sat in a booth and ordered Mongolia Beef, Szechuan Chicken, and Shrimp Fried Rice. It was the greasiest, tasteless dinner we had ever ate. The waiter knew we didn’t like the food and didn’t try to ask if we’d like to try something else but simply asked if we’d like boxes. We left the food and never went back.

    We were greatly disappointed by their service as other restaurants had take great measures to make sure we were taken care of. This place didn’t even lift a finger.

    • EBA1 says:

      I think you might be confused with Pandasia? I’ve seen their sign about a roof deck. New China Express used to be Hung De. It’s tiny and they only have 2 tables inside.

  7. Lady On Lynn says:

    Interesting.. I went in the summer and had cashew chicken- tasteless and bland and salty. I had written them off, but maybe should give them another chance. The workers were very friendly, and would love to have a decent Chinese place in Magnolia.

  8. JTD says:

    HORRIBLE! I ordered online for delivery and it was to arrive in 45-60 minutes (which seemed like a long time because I live in Magnolia but I was willing to wait). After an hour and fifteen minutes I called the online service and was told it was on its way and would be here in 5-10 minutes. Fine. 15 minutes later it still wasn’t here so I called the restaurant and was told it would be at least 30 MORE MINUTES!! Based on our conversation, I don’t think they had even started on my order, and I don’t think they cared much about the problem. It was ridiculous and I don’t recommend this place to anyone!

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