Group Meets to Return Night Bus Service

Posted on November 30th, 2012 by Sara

By Reporter Steven Smalley
For those Metro bus riders who got left in the dark when evening bus service ended, here is the latest from a new group formed to restore it.
Magnolia Transit Riders will meet Tuesdays at 6P.M. to work on ways to bring back nighttime service. The November 27 get-together is at Uptown Espresso in the Village (3223 W. McGraw Street).
On the agenda is a petition to request the return of evening coaches, together with an invitation for Metro officials to meet with the group.
Word from Magnolia Transit Riders is some night bus service may already be on its way in 2013

15 responses to “Group Meets to Return Night Bus Service”

  1. Magnolian says:

    I don’t think it’s necessary. The buses were running empty. In fact, the ones that run after about 7 p.m. are empty. If anything, they should cut back even more. Rather than run late buses for the five people who want them, the system should use its limited funds where they are needed the most.

    • dr says:

      Late night bus service allows people to go downtown to see a play, or eat out, or go to a game without having to drive. There are people in Magnolia who can’t afford a car or are medically unable to drive who still need to get around. You may be in that position someday. It’s also a lifeline for some who work evenings.

      • Guest says:

        So you’re telling me that there are people who move to Magnolia without a car and can’t afford for cab, but they can afford to see a play, eat out, or go to a game? If those people exist, I think the real need is money management advice.

        And you’re telling me that there are people who are medically unable to drive, but who can get themselves to and from a bus stop after 9:30 p.m.? I don’t believe you.

        What’s your actual agenda?

  2. bsasusie says:

    I think Magnolia need to be appealing to the young that have good jobs and will keep the neighborhood hopping. Something has to give so the business and houseing can make it. People that work downtown or even in the village need the option of bus service. When I was young i would never have considered moving some place with no night service.

    • NotFan says:

      Most people in Magnolia are here because they don’t want a “hopping” neighborhood. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other places in Seattle.

      • bssusie says:

        Most people, thats a little strong don’t you think. How about just enough change so if someone opens a business it makes it……..notfan..rude

        • NotFan says:

          I patronize Magnolia businesses whenever possible. After all, here we are in Outer Mongolia, the most boring neighborhood in the city. Which is why we’re here. Who among us hasn’t rejoiced that we’re a peninsula without any streets that run through here to somewhere else?

          I don’t want one of McGinn’s “vibrant” neighborhoods here. I don’t think very many Magnolia residents do. I don’t want anything to “hop” in Magnolia. If I want to hop, I’ll get in the car and drive to Queen Anne, or Ballard, or downtown. And then I’ll come back here and sleep well, knowing how boring it is here.

          The housing in Magnolia “makes it” just fine. I would strongly advise anyone who considers living in this neighborhood to have a car or at the very least a motor scooter. Bus service is fine for the workday crowd, but I don’t see any reason to be extending it at night.

          I live near a bus line, and after about 6 p.m., all I see is empty buses. The bus system isn’t exactly swimming in money, especially since the (I’ll delete my own expletive in advance) who run things have decided we need another stadium and new bike lanes and the 15th “study” of a street car that will only make it harder to get anywhere in Seattle.

          Given the limited funds, why expand bus service when we’ve got them running empty after about 6 p.m.? So the handful of people who foolishly decided to move here without a car can come and make the nightlife hop? Maybe so, but not with my vote, anyway.

          • ericsmith says:

            I could not agree with you more. That is exactly what is right about Magnolia. We all want the convenience of walking to Bartells and such, so we have to support some of our businesses, but bottom line I also love the fact that my street is absolutely silent at night. As for the bus, getting to work or the U for classes make day service sensible, but at night…total waste of money. If night driving is a must for you, you must change neighborhoods or find a different plan.

  3. MagDad says:

    Late night bus service in Magnolia is a waste of money! I live one block off a bus route here and my property backs up to the bus route. At night they are empty and I see them pullover and park on the corner of 31st and Jameson late at night with their engine running…. again they are empty and the driver knows that the likelihood of picking up a rider at that time is slim to none… I would suggest to own a car…call a cab…or save your money and stay home… Not Fan…your correct! Some people don’t like the truth…

  4. Shanon says:

    If people would have allowed for the 24 to be re-routed then it would still be going at night and in fact it would be going from downtown to Ballard, which would have been nice. You can’t get everything.

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