Brazen lady burglar on the prowl

Posted on November 27th, 2012 by Sara

MV reader Melissa writes
I just caught a women prowling around in my neighbors back yard in the middle of the day (29th/Dravus).? I called police and apparently she has been burglarizing apartments along 25th.? If you see her, please call 911.? She is white, wearing black track suit, has strawberry/blond hair and is carrying a purse.
Holly wrote
She came to our home…Literally opened the back door (which was unlocked) and entered!? Black track suit with soccer logos- we are at 29th and Blaine…I called the police & am showing them this posting.?Scary, people!

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  1. Tootie says:

    Lock your doors people!!!

  2. SRTO 2005 says:

    We had things taken from our car (32nd Ave W) last month the day after we left for a long weekend. Weird thing about it was, our house is the most well lite house on the block, we’ve never had an issue and ironically the day after we leave town my briefcase along with my work PC were taken…coincidence or was someone staking out our home!? I know…I know….I should not have left these things in my car….Hard lesson learned!

  3. Sounds like Melissa lives near me. Glad we always keep the doors locked.

  4. 36th Ave West Spies says:

    This girl was arrested yesterday (Nov 28) by Seattle Police. Sadly she was a local resident recognized prowling in her old neighborhood on 36th West- however she had been in several houses already.

  5. Bill says:

    Any update on this woman? Someone tried to open our back door which was locked Sunday night. When we went to see, we could hear footsteps running away.

  6. BlockWatch says:

    From SPD: The female burglar suspect was booked into jail on Wednesday Nov 28, 2012 at 5:17PM and was released by a Judge on Thursday Nov 29, 2012 at 5:02PM.

  7. cd123 says:

    This morning around 6:00 i spotted a woman outside my home. She had blonde hair and seemed to try to shield her face from me. She definitely was up to something. The police will be notified. Keep an eye out!! I live just west of metro market.

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