New bakery

Posted on November 1st, 2012 by Sara

We saw this in the window of the old Upper Crust. Could it be?

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  1. rampart says:

    good news.
    anyone know how to actually register so i can post on the forum? i tried to do so but have not recieved any email/password/etc.
    this was more than a week ago – i find it hard to believe this site wouldn’t want more voices in the forum. oh well. guess the admin is reeeaaallllyy busy.

    • ericsmith says:

      Did you realize that someone volunteers their time to put together this blog site? Sarcasm is really so low class when you aren’t the one doing any of the work. As you can see, the temporary snag was fixed. Its always easy to b–ch when you didn’t do anything original or creative of your own.

      • Factchecker says:

        Volunteer, really? I thought this blog was owned and managed by a legal business.

        • Valentijn says:

          True, looks like an LLC runs it, not a non-profit. Though maybe the LLC finds suckers to work for it as volunteers?

          • ericsmith says:

            As an LLC, where do they make a profit I wonder? No one pays for it and there are only a few ads. I’ve asked maybe 50 people in Magnolia if they ever go on this site to read it and none of them do, so its doesn’t reach that many people really. On a different subject: Why are the volunteers suckers if they like doing it?

          • rampart says:

            well, if nobody can start an account that may discourage folks who’d like to comment in the forum, may have lost a pet, etc.

          • ericsmith says:

            Don’t you just have to put in a comment, put in a name and email address and instantly be “on the forum?

          • Sara says:

            Hi there,
            Eric, you are correct- ususally that’s how it works…however, right now, we are having new users email request a login, and we are emailing them the login info- the captcha program installed by our tech didn’t work, and this is the only way we can try to control the massive amount of spam that is hitting our site. Sorry for any invconvenience.
            Rampart- I am emailing you the login info. Glad you’ll be joining the conversation in the forum.

          • The Oogey Boogey Man says:


        • ericsmith says:

          Is that true? Well, either way, unless “Rampart” is paying for a subscription I think my comments still stand…if its free and you didn’t create it, you take what you get unless you make the changes you want yourself.

      • rampart says:

        so i’m being unreasonable? i just wanted to sign up for an account – thats what that little “sign in” is for. i followed the procedure – didn’t think it would take, oh, going on 2 weeks now…
        it was a simple question. i guess the site doesn’t want new members.

  2. EB1 says:

    I sure hope its a real bakery!

  3. Snarkbark says:

    Thank you God!!! Yum!!!!

  4. bssusie says:

    Looks to me like the nummies are coming to Magnolia. Love the Met Market and have a good feeeling about the Bakery. I think the coffee/donut shop on Gilman is good and then go to the new 7Hills shop and buy tennies and run it all off. Thumbs up I think………….

  5. elas says:

    Here’s hoping they make a good baguette!

  6. Kleigh830 says:

    Via Google: “We are a new, small bakery and cafe in Seattle, Washington opening up in Magnolia Village. We will serve breads, pastries, desserts, coffee, beer/wine, and basic lunches. Our look is more on the simple, modern side with clean lines (but not super modern). We intend to focus on using local, organic ingredients (where we can) to provide a very high quality of food and excellent customer service.”

    • ericsmith says:

      Up to now I’ve gone over to Queen Anne’s “La Reve” if I wanted really nice pastries, and had no choices but to get “Grand Central” or “Macrinas” at one of the markets for baguettes (NOTHING like real baguettes, as any travelor to France knows). It would be great if your pastries and breads are not doughy white bread things and are of quality. The usual white bread cinnamon rolls may be your market in Magnolia, but I wish you were more inventive. I can walk to your new store and will buy from you as long as you don’t make the usual stuff that people can buy are QFC or Safeway. Best of luck…I will try you out!

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