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Meeting Tonight to Restore Evening Bus Service


By reporter Steven Smalley
With Metro Transit?s recent elimination of evening bus service in Magnolia beyond 9:30P.M., there are some people who find it more than difficult to get around. Some are downright angry. Residents, workers, and business owners who spoke with Magnolia Voice tell of concerns getting to and from work when shifts end after buses stop running. One man hopes evening bus service can be restored.
?I am visually impaired ? legally blind. With my eyesight, I?m not able to drive a car,? says James McIntosh, a Magnolia resident. ?I?m dependent on the buses to get around.? McIntosh intends to do something about the bus situation that has him taking action. ?It made me mad. ?No buses after 9:30?? Is this a small town system or what?? he asks rhetorically.??We?ve organized a group. We need later night service,? he exclaims. McIntosh points out that others are hurt as well. ?One woman commutes from the University district where she works at night,? he continues. ?Now she has to take a $19 taxi ride every night.? Even if one were to walk to Magnolia from 15th Avenue, he says it presents a danger, particularly for women. ?How would you like to hike up Dravus in the rain,? he asks.
Tonight all those interested in pursuing this matter with like-minded bus riders are invited to attend a get-together at Serendipity Restaurant, 3222 West McGraw Street. The meeting begins at 6:30P.M.

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  1. Slight correction: the last 33 departs Government Way and 34th Ave W at 10:45PM on weeknights. I know it’s not the service to the village that people used to get until 1am via the 24, but it’s factual evening bus service beyond 9:30PM.

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