North playfield finally gets new restroom

Posted on October 25th, 2012 by Sara

Long time residents of Magnolia know that the North athletic field (North of the community center) has for decades, been without a restroom.? The good news is that through the efforts of many people involved in youth athletics, this situation has changed.?? A new prefabricated restroom facility was installed last week, with finishing touches to? be completed over the next two weeks.? The concrete building was purchased by Magnolia Little League with financial contributions from Magnolia Soccer and Our Lady of Fatima, and then gifted to the city of Seattle.?? Seattle Parks and Rec then provided all site preparation and utility work.? The restroom project has been in various stages of planning for nearly 5 years and involved past Magnolia Little league presidents Bill MacGeorge, Jim Bittner and most recently Keith Peterson, who with the help of their respective boards, raised funds and kept the project moving forward.? The new facility will fill a long standing need, and serve the Magnolia for many years.

The installation of a new restroom is part of a bigger project that Magnolia Little League would like to see completed.?? About 15 years ago Parks and Rec. started a North field renovation that included work to address the field’s serious drainage problem. At that time, Parks installed a large drainage pipe that runs north and south down the length of this field, with the idea that at some point they were going to extend French drains across the field to collect rainwater.?? For various reasons, mostly financial, the drainage portion of the project was never completed so water simply collects on the field.? The youth sports groups would like to see the drainage system completed, but unfortunately, it is beyond their financial capacity.? Seattle Parks and Rec is aware of the difficult winter and spring field conditions and has encouraged the community to lobby the city for funding to complete the project.

Thanks to Bill MacGeorge for the information!

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  1. Magnolia says:

    Kudos to Keith Peterson and the MLL board Presidents before him. Also many thanks for the generous contributions on part of Magnolia Soccer and Fatima school. Their tireless efforts and contributions made this happen.
    This is a well-needed addition to the community and the generations of kids that will be using the fields in the future. Now let’s all be on the watch to ensure area to ensure that the vandals do not deface, tag, or destroy this new improvement to our neighborhood.

    • billybibbet says:

      Too late, it was completely covered in tags within a day or two of construction. Fluorescent orange and green paint…it was cleaned up about four or five days later. Going to be hard to protect it since normal people are asleep when this stuff is taking place. I will definitel keep an eye out when a pass by, and keep my fingers crossed.

      • ericsmith says:

        Whatever…we’ll have the tags painted out and the vandals will waste their spray paint money. They tire of it unless there is some turf battle going on. Its a good thing to have the facility in the park. I’ve had good success getting the city out to erase grafitti so far.

        • rampart says:

          yeah dude, a turf battle on the mean streets of Magnolia…lol

          • ericsmith says:

            Whatever the “cool” term for it, why would people waste money on spray paint that is just going to be painted over….a total denial of anything they did…a total negation of who they are. And actually most of the graffiti that isn’t done out of boredom IS done for one group showing dominance over another. Or don’t you know anything about sociology?

          • rampart says:

            it was sweet that you cared enough to post, essentially, the same thing twice. strange that a learned man such as yourself would do that.

            i think you are reading into the idiot brains of these kids a bit too deeply. groups are NOT showing dominance over anyone in freaking Magnolia. its not a turf war. i’m sure they enjoy simply being a pain in the neck. its easy enough to simply re-tag the spot and *presto* they reverse your negation and make the adults mad.

          • ericsmith says:

            You are probably right. I cared enough to comment, and when it didn’t show up I did it again. Thats about the extent of that, learned or not.
            If you’ve ever seen “Exit Through the Gift Shop” you can see quality graffiti and the issues involved with considering graffiti art, etc. In the case of these kids, there is no talent, just boredom, and like you say, being a pain in the neck. Its a shame none of them do anything creative, at least. One tagger in Magnolia did a stencil…something started in Paris about 8 years ago. So you are right, just idiot, uncreative kids. If making adults mad is all they are about, then we should at least enjoy their wasting their money, call the graffiti squad out, and pity them.

          • ericsmith says:

            Whatever the “cool” word is for it, bottom line it is kids wasting money for spray paint that will be painted over anyway…totally erasing who they were or what they had to say. And yes, it usually is one group who tags all over town to show dominance over another group. But I wouldn’t expect you to be a great reader of sociology.

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