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Fight after Parade leaves one in Harborview


By reporter Steven Smalley

Two men got in a fist fight following the Magnolia Seafair Parade just after noon today in the alley east of 32nd Ave. W on McGraw St. One of them ended up going through a window in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints causing significant blood loss requiring a trip to Haborview, according to SGT John Girtch of the Seattle Police Department in an interview with Magnolia Voice. The non-injured party was in police custody at the West precinct downtown. Injuries to the other man were reportedly not life-threatening. The disturbance caused a scene with much police and fire activity when initial?reports indicated a weapon was involved. It turned out not to be the case.?No word on what started the row. A fresh box of pizza strewn in the parking lot was the only clue left for reporters.



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  1. Magnolia thugs keepin’ it reals.

    Waste of a good pizza……………..

  2. Such unseemly Behavior–Magnolians don’t have the time for such unruley mis-conduct. All would-be thugs & wanna bes be warned. We mad as hell and not going to tolaorate this crap!!!

    1. Not nearly enough spelling mistakes to be convincing, but humorous all the same. Yes, all the straight-up gangsta pimps like to curl up with a nice Earl Grey and read the Magnolia Voice from time to time.

    2. Um, that would be “HO” unless you got lost in your mama’s garden again, Pimpernelle. Magnolia never scared anyone. I wouldn’t call it White(collar) Center or anything.

  3. I hope this doesn’t trigger an all out war between Gillman Avenue Crips and the W. McGraw Street Vice Lords.

  4. I, too, am terrified of these Mag Town Mafia folks! Shaking in my shoes!? So, yes, by their standards I am “old,” but, alas, once my husband and I were Magnolia young folk, tearing up the ‘hood in the early 90’s. The funny thing is, Mag Town Mafia, is that you are so unoriginal! Every generation of Magnolia youth has there “ganstas.” In fact, my husband was a member of the every-terrifying and TOTALLY legit (yeah, right) Magnolia Crime Family. How cute! They would steal their moms’ cloth napkins and tie them around their head, terrorizing Magnolia while flying their MCF colors. It makes for a good laugh at the ripe ol’ age of 30. Fighting in the village doesn’t make you a gangta; it just makes you look stupid. I would be happy to provide transportation to the Mag Town Mafia if they would like to try throwin’ down on Rainer and Henderson. Hmmm…. In sum, a privileged gansta is an oxymoron.??
    Summerfest was fantastic! The parade was lovely and the children’s stage was amazing. We had such a good time. 🙂 I thought the sirens were a part of the entertainment!

    1. Me too! Duh….was thinking, gee the police are sure staying around a long time after the parade -maybe they’re just having Summerfest fun!? Wondered why they put police tape in the US Bank parking lot-must have been some cars illegally parked.? I think the long-absent sun got to my brain.

      Had a great time at Summerfest this year and the Parade was Awesome!!? You folks who put it on are Rock Stars!

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