Big crane, and bigger crane in Elliott bay

Posted on July 23rd, 2012 by Sara

MV reader Steve sent in this photo.? He writes:

A new ship just anchored off Magnolia in Elliott bay,- this was a picture with the sun setting on the huge cargo cranes, with a smaller crane on a barge as it went by. Quite a site.

Thanks, Steve!

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  1. Brooks Burford says:

    Three new?Super-Post Panamax ZPMC Cranes
    are bound for Terminal 18 on Harbor Island. ?The?267-foot high cranes,
    combined with?three that arrived in November 2011, make Terminal 18 the
    only ?big ship ready? facility in the Pacific Northwest. ?Other factoids:

    They are 7 feet taller than Century Link

    They are as tall as 44 kangaroos together.

    As tall as 745,111 dollar bills stacked on top
    of each other.

    Or if you’re hungry, they are as tall as 2,136
    Twinkies stacked on top each other.

    Also, “Panamex” is a misnomer. ?They’re not
    pan-American or Mexican. ?They are manufactured in China.


    ?Brooks, a proud Magnolian in Portland


  2. Peterson says:

    I believe the “Panamax” refers to the ship size they can offload, Brooks.? “Panamax” refers to the maximum width/size of ships that can transit through the Panana Canal (apologies if you knew this already).? Apparently these cranes can offload ships even larger than that…

  3. Marc Rigney says:

    Looks like we have spammers testing the waters in the comment threads. Not you, Brooks. šŸ™‚

    • Ericsmith says:

      I’ve noticed this too.? Could you tell us if this enables them to access any of our contact info, etc?? What do they gain from spamming a public comment site?


  4. Pob Firkman says:

    Being as top-heavy as this freighter appears one wonders how it manages to cross oceans without capsizing.

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