New (old) liquor store open

Posted on June 19th, 2012 by Sara

Walking with a girlfriend?in the Village one evening last week, I noticed the “open” sign on the the old Magnolia liquor store, so we headed on in.? We discovered (what many of you might already know) that?the old Magnolia Liquor?store?is now the new Magnolia liquor store. Doing business as “The Spirit of Magnolia LLC”, the store looks very much as it did, but the employee we spoke with??assured us that changes are coming, and new items are?on their way?(including cigars!)

Open until 11 most nights

Popular brands
The store carries some new and trendy brands (many of my friends will be excited about the “Skinny Girl” line of beverages), and some fun specialty garnishes and snacks.

olives and mixers

Welcome to the neighborhood!

4 responses to “New (old) liquor store open”

  1. magnoliares says:

    Okay, the “OPEN” sign you have in the first photo is the source of my issue. I was hopeful that this MV post would speak to the notion that their signage is totally ridiculous. Who does that? Why is a half-baked OPEN sign barely hanging from the awning – and blinking repeatedly!? Seriously. Imagine if all the stores in the Village had those horrible, cheap, ridiculous OPEN signs? And…to top it off, they not only have 1 sign, but 2! There is another one stuck in the window. Horrible. Please spend a few dollars and a little bit of time and create at least a marginally acceptable way of telling people you are open for business. I will not be buying anything from this store until this is dealt with. Great way to introduce yourself and your new business to the neighborhood. Really great.

    • Ericsmith says:

      This is a wonderful opportunity for you to evolve.? Those signs are legal in Seattle and help stores with a somewhat dark interior let people know they are open and there.? I love garding and find the plant torture called topiary (Magnolia is considered by those in the know as the topiary capitol of Seattle) a really nauseating experience.? Houses with those awful hedges forced into those 1940’s styles little balls and corkscrews…revolting.? That is legal? too.? THose are good people too.? Just accept that all kinds of people make up Magnolia.? Wish this owner good luck in our dying downtown and hope for more stores where people don’t stalk off because they are offended by a sign.

  2. Maggie Bluff says:

    I stopped in last week and was happy to find some new vodkas I’ve never seen before. Very nice person behind the counter too.? Being the owner of a small business, I understand their need to let people know they are open and have no problem with the sign.? If I hadn’t seen that OPEN sign I wouldn’t have known they were open for business.? I’m more worried about the businesses that are?closing?in the Village,?to me that is more important than fussing about how?a sign?looks. Good lordy, what about that eye sore that used to the? Pub?? Let’s buy?local! ?

  3. PeterK says:

    That is one of the pettiest things I have heard of to not shop or support a local business just because of their open sign.? Like someone else I wouldn’t have know they were even open without seeing that sign.

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