A new Principal for Catharine Blaine

Posted on May 22nd, 2012 by Sara

Catharine Blaine School?didn’t have to look far to find their next Principal- current Assistant Principal Julie Cox will soon be stepping into the?role.? She sent?this email to the Blaine community yesterday:

May 21, 2012
Dear Blaine Staff Members, Students? and Parents,
It is an honor and privilege for me to be selected as the next Principal of Catharine Blaine K-8 School.? I’m thrilled to be the next leader of a school in such solid standing, under the reigns of Ms. Heather Swanson.? I know her shoes will be tough to fill, but please know that I will put my heart and soul into the work.?Upon my arrival in early April, as your assistant principal, it didn’t take long for me to notice that I was surrounded by an upbeat, growth-oriented group of educators; an inviting school culture in which to work and learn; a supportive and engaged parent community; and curious and happy children.? To see you interact in harmony this past month has solidified for me that I want to be a part of this collaborative team.A little about my background: I’ve been an educator for 26 years.? In fact, I began my career as a teacher for Seattle Public Schools before taking on the role of a Curriculum Specialist at the central office.? I’ve also had experience as a Literacy Coach for Minneapolis Public Schools.? Prior to this, I was a Principal in India (Pre-K-5), Jordan (Pre-K-8) and Minnesota (KG-6). In this capacity I was involved in nearly every aspect of these high-energy schools of excellence and school communities – with a focus on student achievement and creating a positive school climate in which teachers and students can thrive and parents can feel valued and heard.
During my career in the United States and abroad, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of educational settings.? The diversity of students is what made my experiences the most rewarding.? We, the staff, students, and administrators, became culturally competent as we built solid relationships with not only people from varying backgrounds, nationalities, and religions, but also from people who had view points and perspectives that differed from our own.? I come to you with a global perspective. I thank you all for welcoming me to the Catharine Blaine community.? It is my pleasure to be a part of thisschool of excellence.? I am pleased that my daughter, Ava, will be attending Blaine in the fall.
With kind regards,
Julie A. Cox

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    Except Cox shout-wrote it, in all caps. Color me unimpressed.

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