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Hit and run- driver abandons car and flees the scene


MV reader Gerald writes:
Hit and run (Saturday) on 28th (Barrett & Dravus), right before 7am.? A Hummer was rear-ended.? No one was hurt.? Driver/passenger of the white El Camino fled the scene heading south on 28th.? Teenagers/early 20s.? One wearing a gray hoodie.
Thanks, Gerald!
MV readers-did anyone see anything? Let us know.

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  1. I’ve seen this car driving ?around. Usually two guys, early 20’s with a pit bull in the back.?

  2. I know this individual. I couldn’t tell you his name, but? I could pick him out of a lineup. His best friends name is Austin, who happens to drive a blue 1980’s thunderbird I believe.

  3. This makes 2 of his cars that he has totalled in the last 6 months. His last car (I call it a hooptie) was found with the front end spashed up in some ones yard on Rosemont and Parkmont.

  4. f#ckin’ comedy. ?teenage rookies.

    i’d feel bad for the victim, but they were driving a hummer. ?

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