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Attempted gas theft


MV reader Lindsay writes:

I live on the corner of 22nd Ave W andDravus Street. Last night, between 9:30pm and 5am, somebody attempted to siphon gas out of my gas tank. The person must have gotten spooked, because they left the tube in my gas tank as well as the nozzle and an empty Pittsburgh Steelers backpack. They managed to get my gas tank door open (which has a locking mechanism) and chipped the paint in the process. The police came and took the evidence, but I just want to warn readers to stay on the lookout. I’ll be buying a locking gas cap…

Thanks for the heads up!

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    1. I’m not to sure about the FBI but if i were a home owner in Magnolia i would be calling Susan York to save my community before it is absolutly to late.

  1. I appreciate the report.? Lets let the FBI focus on white colloar crime lords (also living in Magnolia).

  2. Jay Edgar, good to see you come out of the closet with your concerns.? White collar crime in Magnolia?? And how about those residents continuing to use the Internet to scam people out of rental deposits?? Think the ‘Voice’?would be?interested in that?

      1. Who said it hasn’t been done, pal.???? Any other orders, Spencer?? Not exactly an outfit you hear back from.? But try and siphon a gallon of gas, you definitely have something there.

  3. Hmm, might it have anything to do with all the camped out RV people who “live” on 20th and ?Dravus by the Arco? ?

      1. go to the city abandoned vehicle site and report them if parked 3 days or more, it’s worth it..

          1. I don’t know how long it takes them to come, but I’ve reported vehicles who still lingered around for well over a month. Same deal with people who park their boat+trailer on the street.

          2. I take a pic with my phone, makes it easy to report, they will get a sticker on their window, then they either move or are towed, I report the same ones over and over…

          3. ?So what is the deal? Once stickered, do they move or get towed, and then come back to permapark in the same spot?

    1. ?Probably. Folks were siphoning gas out of vehicles in Ballard for a long time. Usually it was to start-up the RV to move it to another location or give themselves enough power to energize an outlet so they can cook.

      What they’re cooking is another story altogether. Anyone recall the RV that burned down in front of the condos in Ballard a few years back? Big meth cooking operation going on there, don’t be surprised to see it in other RVs around here.

      1. I put that fire out. ?There was no drug cooking operation in that particular RV. ?The occupants of the RV tried to start it by pouring gas directly into the carburetor.

          1. you might see my other posts and report the vehicles camping near you. I see some suspicious characters around that corner…

          2. Thanks, yeah I saw the post. I guess I should start taking nightly walks down past the Arco……..

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