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36th District candidates participate in The Stranger?s game show-themed forum


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With half a dozen candidates in the running for Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson?s seat in the 36th District, The Stranger hosted a forum?last week for the candidates to duke it out, using a Survivor-style game show theme. At Spitfire in Belltown on Monday night, the candidates gathered on stage with The Stranger?s Dominic Holden and Rep. Dickerson as each candidate was asked for their position on a certain issue. After their answers, audience members voted via text message on their least favorite candidate, effectively kicking them ?off the island? and out of the forum.

Out of the six Democratic candidates on the stage, Sahar Fathi was the last candidate standing at the end of the night. Our news partners, The Seattle Times, reports that Fathi, 28, ?advocated for poverty alleviation and racial equality issues,? at the forum. If elected, she would become the first Iranian-American woman to serve in any state legislature, says the Times.

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