April 12

Viewmont Way spared from Metro bus cuts?for now

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reporter Steven Smalley

?I think this is going to be a rather short meeting,? was the opening remark from a representative of King County Metro at a meeting of the Magnolia Community Club Thursday night. The gathering was held to discuss Metro’s plans to effectively end bus service on Viewmont Way. This, in addition to other proposed changes on Route 24, had the Blaine cafeteria fuller than usual for such meetings.?Metro received over 10,000 comments concerning the proposed changes.

The mood of the crowd prior to the meeting was tense, as observed by this reporter. It looked as though some were spoiling for scrap with Metro. They didn?t get one though- the battle was over before it began.?David Hull, Metro?s representative continued, ?Because some of the concerns we have heard from Magnolia residents really are not concerns right now. We need more time with the community to talk about the community?s needs.??Then he made a statement that took the fight out of anyone so inclined, ?There are no changes planned for the routing of services in Magnolia.??But, he went on to say, ?There is one change. The route 24 at night, after about 9:30, carries very few people…(Metro will)?reduce the span of service on Route 24 to 9:30pm ? the last trip?s leaving.???After 9:30pm at some point, Route 24 will stop running. Metro is still taking comments at?community.relations@kingcounty.gov



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