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Recent crimes?


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I heard of some recent break ins/thefts in Magnolia.? Men claiming to be with ADT asking you if your home is protecting (while scoping out your house).? Then coming back in the day time to break in.? I’ve heard something about a green car being involved.


What do you know about this, neighbors?




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  1. My car was broken into last night. The drivers window was completely shattered. On 33rd and Bertona around 1:30 am.
    they took nothing of value. Very strange…

    1. Not strange at all, unfortunately car prowls (and car theft)?are a fact of life any place in the country.? The only solution is a garage…I started using a garage 22 years ago to secure my car at night here in Magnolia…never had another problem.? This was after I had my car stolen on Montvale Place.

  2. Gas is constantly syphoned out of my gas tank. ? ?I keep it pretty low, but they take it even lower. ? ? I get so sick of this. ? ?If there is any night that my car is left unlocked it is rifled through. ??

  3. I had 2 black guys kick my door down while I was at work. My room mate was home in the shower so he managed to scare them away but they got away with my lap top. They were driving a greenish Camry or older Japanese car.
    2 weeks prior I had 2 different Black girls knock on ly door and try to scam money from me. These 2 incidents might be related to be careful.

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