Blaine Vice Principal to leave her post in March

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by Sara

Catharine Blaine Vice Principal, Ms. Destrebecq has resigned.? In an email sent earlier today, she writes:

Dear Families and Community Members,

In my career, I have never been anything but an educator, and I have never known a community like Blaine’s. Over the past year and a half, I have learned so much from the students, the staff, and you, as I have embarked on the journey of school leadership. You have been instrumental in my professional development, as a school administrator, and for that I am extremely grateful. And most of all, you have been there for each other. Whenever there is a crisis, or someone in the community is hurting, I know that the Blaine community will band together to help those in need. I would hope that many of you would be my friends, if I weren’t your child’s assistant principal.

Like Ms. Swanson, I am also at a crossroads. After months of contemplation, I feel strongly that now is the opportune time to step back and evaluate my future and my career path. As a result of this introspection, I am saddened to let you know that I am resigning from my position in Seattle Schools and at Catharine Blaine. I have already tendered my resignation, and my last day will be March 9th.

This is a huge and exciting step for me, but much needed. I will be taking off my “principal hat” and working to impact positive change through other means. I will begin my new adventure by working part-time as a consultant at a global non-profit. I am excited about the change and the work that lies ahead, but will continue to remain open to other opportunities that may come my way.

I wish you all the best of luck in your own careers, and with your life-long career as parents.

Much respect,


This?news comes fast on the heels?of Principal Heather Swanson’s recent announcement of her resignation.

In related news, it was announced that Nancy Coogan, Executive Director for the Central region schools, will be holding a Community Meeting to discuss the process for hiring a Principal, Wednesday, 2/29 at 7:00pm in?Blaine’s lunchroom. Questions are welcome.





7 responses to “Blaine Vice Principal to leave her post in March”

  1. scooter says:

    Someone is either cleaning house, or fleeing a sinking ship.

  2. mag mom says:

    Mass exodus. What’s the real story?

  3. Magnolia Mom says:

    She’s leaving March 9 – not even finishing out the school year?? This is bizarre.

    • Magnolia Mom says:

      I mean, the “part-time consultant” work[that she says she’s going to do now]?could be done simultaneously with her vice-principal’s job for a coupla months – IF she were leaving voluntarily.

  4. Blaine Bound says:

    I was about to sign our kiddo up for kindergarten at Blaine. Thank goodness the parent base there is so strong. I am confident that the school will continue to be just as wonderful, but this changing of the guard makes me nervous and shakes the confidence a little. The parents will have to step up to our second job, our part-time job, that of creating an amazing PTA. But we enjoy doing two jobs simultaneously, if it involves our children 🙂

  5. Jorja says:

    I just don’t think the VP leaving is that big of a deal. She got a better job, which probably pays a lot more. It’s not easy being a VP. We’ll miss them both but keeping both positions for any length of time is rare. We’ve been lucky that we had Heather as long as we did. Blaine is a fantastic school and I can attest to the incredible parent support. People are really dedicated and our auction funds many programs that would otherwise get cut short. That is the parent support both outside the class and inside. On any given day, you will see several parents in the rooms. I’m confident Blaine will persevere and we’ll get a capable team in place. Nancy will see to it.

  6. Helpfulneighbors says:

    Maybe they’re resigning because the principals and teachers often go out partying together. Highly unprofessional. ?Sooner or later, it all catches up. And what’s up with two deaths? This place is bad luck in twos. Anyone else thinking lovers? Maybe her “part-time consultant” position is to plan their wedding. Hmmm…Nonetheless, good luck to them!?

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