February 8

Proposed Metro changes could make a big impact on Magnolia

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?Metro wants you to speak up.? Their latest set of proposals stem from public feedback, and now they are looking for another round of your opinions before changes are made that would take effect in September.?? Some of these proposed changes directly affect Magnolia commuters.?A spokesperson for Metro writes:

The introduction of the RapidRide lines and associated service adjustments will allow Metro to improve bus connections to jobs, shopping and other destinations ? places in and around Seattle that have grown and changed over the years. Many bus routes serving these areas have not been adjusted for more than a decade.

Some Magnolia commuters may find themselves without a ride

?The latest changes under consideration for Magnolia and Interbay include:?
? New Routes: RapidRide D Line* and Route 32*(Learn more about the RapidRide D line)
? Routes proposed for replacement or deletion: 15
? Other nearby proposed route changes: 27*
? Routes with no change: 19 and 31?
? * Route change proposal revised from November 2011?

Although some of the proposed changes will be seen as positive for Magnolia, some Magnolia Voice readers are concerned.? One such reader (who prefers not to be named)?writes:

?… Route 24 will originate in North Beach (Ballard), swing by QFC and head up the hill to 34th, where it will go south to the Village and then downtown.? The 33 makes a loop that places a large number of people on the same bus ? it?s kinda crazy.? My neighborhood loses all service except?Monday-Friday peak trips, and the buses will no longer serve the park

?MV reader Mimi says?” (This)?makes no sense in so many ways…?Magnolia residents need to get involved and try to stop this.”
Victor Obeso, Metro?s manager of Service Development writes

Last fall, we received comments from more than 5,000 people, and that feedback was invaluable in helping us review and revise these proposals. Now, we want the community?s help again to continue moving forward with our vision for a transit system that is efficient, cost-effective, and best serves the entire county.

Metro Transit is hosting the following open house- style meetings to hear your thoughts:
February 13th from 6-8pm at Ballard High School
February 23rd from 6 ? 8pm?at?the Queen Anne?Community Center
To speak up about the changes online,?click here.?



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