Mixed snow and rain in the village

What’s it doing at your house?

Help welcome the herons home

Heron Habitat Helpers invites the public to join them for their annual meeting where they will celebrate their  accomplishments, discuss goals and great blue herons. Afterwards, they will lead a short tour along the edge of the ravine in hopes of seeing the returning herons. Light refreshments will be served.

Saturday March 3, 10:00am – Noon
Discovery Park Visitor Center

Click here for more information

MLK’s daughter to speak in Seattle

Reverend Bernice King, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, will speak on Tuesday in celebration of Black History Month at First Free Methodist Church, adjacent to the Seattle Pacific University campus.

As one of the leading speakers of today, King is author of Hard Questions, Heart Answers. Her book is a collection of her best and inspiring sermons and speeches in which she addresses the pressing problems America faced in the 1990s. In addition, she is founder of “Be A King,” whose mission is to” influence young people to transform the world culture with a kingdom mindset.” In 2009, King was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Advocate Award” from the Nation Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.

The event is from 9:30 to 10:20 a.m., is free and open to the public. Parking is available in the church parking lot. King will be joined by SPU’s Gospel Choir, Worship Arts Ensemble and Wind Symphony.

Put on your bell bottoms and help raise money for Blaine

Mark your calendar for March 24th when the Magnolia Community Center will be transformed into a ’70’s disco.

Tickets for the Blaine Auction are now available online at http://blaine.maestroweb.com (note: no “www” on that website). This popular auction has sold out the past two years. New this year- two VIP tables for the auction up for bid — one is a “That 70s Show Theme” and one is” Studio 54″.  Online Auction Chair Katie Kavulla says this year’s event should be a hit:

We’re excited for this year’s auction and for our fun theme — “That 70s Auction.” We expect that many parents will be decked out in their “flower power” finest, which will make it a great event. Plus, we have some fresh, new live auction items this year and a fantastic new auctioneer, Jack Forman of the kid’s band, Recess Monkey.

Catharine Blaine Auction:  March 24th at 5pm at the Magnolia Community Center. Tickets are $65.

Community members are welcome to attend the auction.   Click here for more information.

Blaine Vice Principal to leave her post in March

Catharine Blaine Vice Principal, Ms. Destrebecq has resigned.  In an email sent earlier today, she writes:

Dear Families and Community Members,

In my career, I have never been anything but an educator, and I have never known a community like Blaine’s. Over the past year and a half, I have learned so much from the students, the staff, and you, as I have embarked on the journey of school leadership. You have been instrumental in my professional development, as a school administrator, and for that I am extremely grateful. And most of all, you have been there for each other. Whenever there is a crisis, or someone in the community is hurting, I know that the Blaine community will band together to help those in need. I would hope that many of you would be my friends, if I weren’t your child’s assistant principal.

Like Ms. Swanson, I am also at a crossroads. After months of contemplation, I feel strongly that now is the opportune time to step back and evaluate my future and my career path. As a result of this introspection, I am saddened to let you know that I am resigning from my position in Seattle Schools and at Catharine Blaine. I have already tendered my resignation, and my last day will be March 9th.

This is a huge and exciting step for me, but much needed. I will be taking off my “principal hat” and working to impact positive change through other means. I will begin my new adventure by working part-time as a consultant at a global non-profit. I am excited about the change and the work that lies ahead, but will continue to remain open to other opportunities that may come my way.

I wish you all the best of luck in your own careers, and with your life-long career as parents.

Much respect,


This news comes fast on the heels of Principal Heather Swanson’s recent announcement of her resignation.

In related news, it was announced that Nancy Coogan, Executive Director for the Central region schools, will be holding a Community Meeting to discuss the process for hiring a Principal, Wednesday, 2/29 at 7:00pm in Blaine’s lunchroom. Questions are welcome.





Discovery Park south parking lot closed Tuesday for maintenance

No worries- the park’s main entrance  at 36th Ave and Discovery Park Blvd will  be open as usual. Seattle Parks and Recreation Communications Manager, Dewey Potter adds:

Park users can park on the north side of W Emerson St. and enter the park through the walk-in gate. Visitors can also park in the north parking lot and the Visitor’s Center parking lot.
Parks and Rec anticipates reopening the south parking lot (located at W Emerson St. on the south side of the park) early Wednesday, February 29th.
For more information click here

Spring Fecal Fest is here

The annual Spring Fecal Fest is here! The popular Zoo Doo has been piling up and the “Prince of Poo” is ready to get rid of the “most exotic and highly prized compost in the Pacific Northwest,” as the zoo calls it.

Photo courtesy Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo
To enter for a chance to buy some of this steamy Zoo Doo or Bedspread (similar to Zoo Doo, but with higher amounts of wood chips and sawdust), send in a postcard between February 28th through March 17th.
You are only allowed to send in one postcard for each drawing. For Zoo Doo, mark your postcard “Zoo Doo.” For Bedspread, mark your postcard “B.S.” Entry cards will be selected randomly for as many entrants possible. Dr. Doo will contact the lucky drawn entries only. Send a standard postcard to:
Dr. Doo
Woodland Park Zoo
601 N. 59th St.
Seattle, WA 98103.
Include the following information:
• Name
• Day and evening phone numbers
• Preference: Zoo Doo or Bedspread
• Amount of Zoo Doo or Bedspread you’d like to purchase (anything from a garbage bag to a full-size, pick-up truck load)
• Weekday or weekend preference for pick-up
The cost for Zoo Doo and Bedspread: Pick-up truck 8×4 bed: $60; 6×4 bed: $45; 6×3 bed: $35. Limit one full truck per person. Garbage cans: $8 to $10 depending on size; bags: $4 to $6 depending on size. Two-gallon and pint-sized buckets are available anytime at the ZooStores for $12.95 and $4.95, respectively.
Pick-up dates for Zoo Doo or Bedspread begin April 13 through April 29. The lucky winners load the compost, using shovels provided by the zoo.

Cannons mark the end of the military at Fort Lawton

Several hundred people attended the closing of Fort Lawton earlier today for a ceremony that included the lowering of the flag, a 21 gun salute and cannon fire.  View scenes from Reporter Steve Smalley’s video of the event here.
Magnolia Voice reader Trevor Mitchell sent us this picture :
Joseph Mitchell stands by for the 21-gun salute!
The following photos were shared by Wendell Watanabe
The crowd was made up of soldiers and military personnel,  Seattle residents and such notables as Congressman Jim McDermott, Mayor Mike McGinn, and the Honorable James M. Collins, Jr., Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army.  One officer noted these were the last rounds ever to be fired from the 111 year old Fort.
Thanks to Reporter Steven Smalley, and Magnolia Voice readers for the video and photos!
Read the original MV story here, and more about the history of Fort Lawton here.

Snow in February? The city is ready…

With below-freezing temperatures predicted for our area on Sunday night (and possible light snow on Sunday), SDOT has their snowplows at the ready. SDOT spokesperson Marybeth Turner writes:
The Seattle Department of Transportation’s Street Maintenance Division will have equipment and personnel available for snow and ice response throughout the weekend in case they are needed. Supplies of snow and ice-fighting materials have been replenished (granular rock salt and liquid magnesium chloride). Spreaders and plows will be mounted on twenty dump trucks, and four flusher trucks with liquid magnesium chloride will be ready to go into service. Supervisors and Managers will continue to monitor weather conditions throughout the weekend. If conditions warrant, night crews will patrol for ice, treating bridges and streets. Additional crews will be available to report to work at any time during the weekend and for the Monday morning commute, as needed.

photo by K. Kennell, taken during Magnolia's last snow storm

Cannon firing at Fort Lawton

If you’ve been hearing loud booms in Magnolia, don’t be alarmed. The military is testing the cannons at Fort Lawton in preparation for tomorrow’s closing ceremonies.

Photo courtesy Annie Rocks

Expect more booms on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the actual ceremony.

Click here to read more about the event and the history of the 111 year-old Fort Lawton.