Power Outage Update

Posted on January 25th, 2012 by Sara

By reporter Steve Smalley

Explosions and bright flashes of light punctuated the night sky yesterday as a tree or tree limbs came crashing onto power lines causing a 6-hour outage, according to neighbors on the north end of Magnolia.

Just before 9p.m., residents near the corner of 40th Avenue West and West Cramer Street heard two loud bangs and saw blue flashes of light outside. Apparently, branches had fallen down, taking out sections of electrical cables,? plunging the area into darkness.

Power crews warned the curious to stay away from the area and some were not allowed to drive out of the neighborhood for a brief time.

Workers managed to restore power in a speedy six hours from the time power was cut off. Neighbors expressed their appreciation for the quick service.

The morning hours found large electrical lines wrapped in yellow caution tape still hanging low near the street.

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