January 18

Snow news is good news

Latest News in Magnolia


Update 11:26 a.m.
By Steven Smalley

As of 11 a.m., Magnolia has three inches of snow and climbing as predicted. For the most part, folks have either stayed home or just walked around taking in the sights of this rare winter wonderland.

Streets are near empty of cars and other traffic, save a few kids with sleds and fun intentions. Although businesses are open, traffic is light. The busiest places are coffee shops where adults and kids were imbibing in the hot refreshments that go down so well when winter hits.

Because of all the warnings, few souls have made their way to work, and both public and private schools have been cancelled.
The most traffic anywhere in Magnolia consisted of kids sledding in parks and on steep streets with names such as Dravus and McGraw.

It seems everyone is enjoying a mid-week “snow day.”


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