December 29

Car crashes through Dravus barrier

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Late Christmas eve, residents below the hairpin turn on Dravus nearly received an unwelcome present when a car crashed through a metal barrier and bounded through the blackberry bramble before coming to a stop on the street below, just feet from homes.

Neighbors reported that late on Dec. 24, a car coming up the crest of West Dravus Street failed to navigate the hairpin turn at 30th Avenue West and crashed through the barrier knocking down a directional sign and wooden posts as it plowed through the bramble below stopping just short of homes on the street below.

A hubcap, broken plastic pieces and other fragments from the car were scattered on 30th Avenue West. One neighbor swept up the pieces in a pile. He was away on Dec. 24, but returned to see the mess. Another neighbor who lives directly below the crash site was thankful the car didn’t continue into his home, and was glad no one, including the driver, was hurt.


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